Fish In Cybersea

California company is creating a cybersea populated with virtual fish that swim across the internet.

Monsters Found On Banks Of Loch Ness

Experts rushed to loch when tourists found the bodies of two monsters on the banks of Loch Ness.

No Fishing From Airplanes!

Fishing from airplanes and blowing up stags with explosives is no longer allowed.

Press Release From Realfishing Inc……….

Welcome to Real Fishing, where our designers have created real running water - with real fish........'

Grapevine Gossip

The inside story of all those other stories you thought you knew all about and wish I'd forgotten about if you were there. at Fishing 2000

Strange happenings at the NAC.

The Abu Suver

Abu reels lost much of their popularity but I believe that may be set to change with the introduction of the Suver
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