Otters – This Far and no Further…

Rod Sturdy has his say on what many consider to be the greatest threat angling, as we currently know it, has ever faced

What To Do With Newbie Anglers?

This isn't a 'My Opinion'

Walker was Right

Another great article from deep in the the archives. John Olliff-Cooper considers the effects of music on fish!

Kev Perkins asks ‘Where have all the young anglers gone’?

It's that school holiday time of year again when the Pied Piper shows up and spirits all the children away. And by that, I...

Otters and Other Stuff…

Mark Barrett is in New Year mode, harking back and looking forward to all kinds of things.

Education, Education, Education…

Rod Sturdy argues that tackling the illegal fish removal and poaching problem is largely a question of education, both of immigrants and of the general public.

Paying your Dues?

Mark Barrett is 'pretty bloody mad'

Pseudo-green Nonsense…

Rod Sturdy comments on the recent EA press release re hydropower schemes, pointing out that the AT is the only protection anglers have...

A Tribute to the late Barrie Rickards

As a tribute to the late and great Professor Barrie Rickards, a regular FishingMagic columnist, we are publishing once again a selection of his very best articles. In this one Barrie comments on the Mark Williams/Prof Tench debate.

The Angling Trust – What is it? And What has it Achieved?

Rod Sturdy is back and banging the ATr drum, but before you switch off and decide that angling politics is 'boring' and not for you, why not have a read? As Rod himself says, 'There are too many people still confused about/ignorant of what the ATr is.'
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