Opinion Piece – The Angling Trust

Jeff relieves his pent up tension on why anglers aren't joining the only body that will fight for their rights and suggests that the angling trade can also help.

The Great Hygiene Con.

The need for clean? Cliff Hatton washes his hands of the entire concept.

Pseudo-green Nonsense…

Rod Sturdy comments on the recent EA press release re hydropower schemes, pointing out that the AT is the only protection anglers have...

Angling Politics – There is no room for Complacency…

Rod Sturdy argues the case, amongst other things, for a more pro-active stance to increase angling's positive public profile.

The Fallacy of Slack Line Fishing

Graham Marsden disputes the popular concept of slack line fishing.

Just What is Going on?

Angling is 'tearing itself apart' and in a forthright opinion piece Bob Hornegold wants to know just what the bloody hell is going on!

Predation and Angling

Rod Sturdy takes a look at just how the Angling Trust is fighting angling's corner in the battle against fish predation.

Fool’s Gold by Design

William Wyatt looks inwardly at himself in this self-analytical summary of his new fishing style - for crucians.

The Angling Trust – What is it? And What has it Achieved?

Rod Sturdy is back and banging the ATr drum, but before you switch off and decide that angling politics is 'boring' and not for you, why not have a read? As Rod himself says, 'There are too many people still confused about/ignorant of what the ATr is.'

Litter – Zero Tolerance!

Jeff vents his anger on litterlouts and asks everyones support to clean up and beat them.
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