My Advice

Cliff Hatton offers a few tips to would-be stalkers and expands upon the art of catching chub from small streams

A good return for your money

Rod explains his position, why he thinks all anglers should join the Angling Trust.

Chalk Streams – It's Time for Action

The plight of the English chalk streams has been in the media a lot recently (and quite rightly so), now Rod Sturdy has a say in his own inimitable fashion.

Money, Money, Money!

At a time of national austerity would it not make sense to brighten-up our country and make a fortune in cash at the same time?

Pseudo-green Nonsense…

Rod Sturdy comments on the recent EA press release re hydropower schemes, pointing out that the AT is the only protection anglers have...

Alternative Angler – Launches

Well it would except that it is just another marvelous figment of Kevin Perkins' colourful imagination.

In Praise of the Stream – never judge a brook by its cover!

If you are fortunate enough to have a river where it is possible to watch your quarry, stalking chub with natural baits is a tactic that can prove supremely successful in selectively targeting bigger fish. It is also the definitive method where time is short as it requires so little preparation; tackle can be stripped down to its simplest form.

Opinion Piece – Stainless Steel Hooks, Time for a Change

A 10 year old article, perhaps as relevant today as it was then.

What To Do With Newbie Anglers?

This isn't a 'My Opinion'

The Enchanting Killer Pt3

Veteran angling champion Dave Steuart establishes his credentials and explains how it is possible to fight the powers that be, and win. Four times so far and counting. And how existing Fisheries Acts could be used to protect our fisheries from otters.
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