My Fortunes Encounter a Minor Setback

'A second after I had completed a manoeuvre of which a downhill skier would have been proud.'

Pilgrim’s Progress

'Fishing is about enjoyment, so I don't want to give the impression that I'm so regimented that the fun has gone out of the window.'

The Rise and Rise of a Carp Angler – Part 2

'What you need to do is fish the crease.' I was told. 'Why, are my pants split or something?' I wondered.

Flavoured PVA Bags from Gardner

Flavoured PVA - is this the answer to those who have doubts about PVA? See the underwater shots!

Mr Crabtree Casts Again!

One of angling's most famous books to be released again.

Return to Yateley Southlake

What a wonderful place, bright sunshine, no wind, fish crashing all over the place, and stumpy in tow! Well you can't have everything can you. . . . . . . .

Pilgrim’s Progress – Debut on the Dove

A new series in which we follow in the fishing footsteps of the Reverend Stewart Bloor.

The Mother of all Barbel

'I heard you shouting but I was playing a fish'. Steve said. 'Is it big?' 'Big, it's bloody Massive'. I reply.

The Rise and Rise of a Carp Angler – Part 1

It's not until you reach the edge of the trees that you realise just how big the wood is.

Carp from the River Gipping

Dippy does a Houdini but young Richard gets a personal best.
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