A sting in the tale, or a lighthearted look at a self-hooking rig. But with a serious message.

Reel Fetches £ 4,600

Grossing in excess of £ 45,000 at the auction..."There is a tremendous market for antique angling tackle. Collectors are ready and willing to pay serious money for good quality items, in good condition."

Pilgrim’s Progress

Confidence plays a big part in angling, probably more than we realise. The dictionary definition of confidence is, 'to have a feeling of self assurance '. How important that is for anglers.

Pike Fishing in Comfort

Windy takes to the water in comfort and wallops the pike on Norfolk's River Yare.

This Month’s Magazines

News about a great new feature - This Month's Magazines. FISHINGmagic rounds up the most popular coarse fishing magazines and gives you a taste of what's inside.

Grapevine Gossip

The inside story of all those other stories you thought you knew all about and wish I'd forgotten about if you were there.

Purely For Pleasure

Dave gets out his long rod, beats the weed, nets a good bag of fish before barbel time, and then next time out captures a big perch.

October’s Contributor Winner!

Pilgrim's Progress pockets prize for piscatorial parson (no, it's not just the Sun that can write throw-up headlines!).

Starting Sea Fishing

The story of how one man's small beginnings in sea fishing led to big rewards in pleasure.

Pilgrim’s Progress

Stewart looks back on the summer of content - in pursuit of warm weather barbel, and sets out to catch his first double. Did he succeed?
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