The Rivers' Close Season

'To be or not to be?' Asks Barrie Rickards, who adheres to the old close season because he wants to, but cannot rationalise it because, he says, it cannot be rationalised.

Barbel Catch from Lower Severn

Three for 25lb 12oz in 2 1/2 hours and he thought he was dreaming!

Perch Adventure

'This winter, if your river is in the meadows, or your carp are giving you a hard time, relive a little of your boyhood spirit and get yourself off on a perch adventure!'

Confessions of an Angling Widow

A fishing widow says go easy on them, there are worse things they can be doing - oh, how we love this good woman already!

Shimano Baitrunner Reels

The Baitrunner is dead - long live the Baitrunner!

Blessed with Barbel from St Patricks

St Patrick's Stream produces a double for Mick, while Dave nearly makes it with a 9.14.

13 Days in the Life of an NFA Coach

Bryan Jackson is the South West and South Wales Senior NFA Coach. Here are a few hectic days from his diary.

Report from the Riverbank – LIVE!

FISHINGmagic Editor and Commercial Manager filmed by Sky TV - Live report from the river Dane.

Josh’s First Fishing Trip

Chad Lakes near Stow on the Wold. To quote Paul "It's absolutely stuffed with fish and perfect for Josh's first trip".

Pilgrim’s Progress

'There was streamer weed over gravel and the river was flowing at a nice pace, this peg had 'barbel' written all over it.'
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