JPz – The Roy Marlow Podcast Part 6

In the penultimate podcast of the series Welchy and Roy talk about the bait which everyone was talking about in 2011: JPz

Liquid Bait Additives – The Roy Marlow Podcast Part 5

In this episode of the seven-part Roy Marlow podcast series Roy looks at the attraction of liquid bait additives with special reference to sanagi and crayfish extracts.

Groundbait Choices – The Roy Marlow Podcast Part 4

In the fourth part of their podcast series Ian Welch and Roy Marlow discuss groundbaits.

Enterprise Tackle – The Incredible Success Story of Plastic Baits

In this latest FishingMagic podcast Ian Welch catches up with Chris Hornsby of Enterprise Tackle to discuss all things plastic.

Big Bream Fishing – Adrian Eves in Conversation

In the latest of our podcast series Ian Welch catches up with top all round specialist angler Adrian Eves on the banks of a notoriously difficult big bream venue.

Krilled Maggots – The Roy Marlow Podcast Part Three

Ian Welch and Roy Marlow talk about the use of krill and krilled maggots in the third part of this exclusive podcast series.

Ian Welch Meets Roy Marlow: Part Two

Roy Marlow continues his conversation with Ian Welch

Ian Welch Meets Roy Marlow

In this second FishingMagic podcast Ian Welch travels up to the Glebe Fishery to meet with commercial angling and bait guru, Roy Marlow.

Fishing for Catfish – Simon Clarke and Ian Welch Talk Pussy!

In the first of a major new series of FishingMagic podcasts Ian Welch meets up with Simon Clarke to discuss catfishing past, present and future.
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