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Predator Fishing

Too Cold to Fish? Never!

It's never too cold to go pike fishing as this terrific short film from Sweden demonstrates...



A Fenland Piker's Tale

A Fenland Piker's Tale My love affair with the Cambridge and Norfolk Fens began many years ago and I've spent many hours, days seeking out...

Pike Fishing – Lessons Learned

Paul Scowen returns to FishingMagic and after an enforced break from fishing he is delighted to be out chasing fish with teeth once again -but there are lessons to be learned...

Back on the Big Ponds: The Doc Spot

This month Paul Garner is dabbling in a bit of River Wye barbel fishing but it's the time of year when his mind turns increasingly to predators on the big ressies.

The ‘Accidental’ Piker: Predator Fishing with Bob James

With over half a century of observations on running and still water, Bob James has a keen eye and some fascinating thoughts on pike. Dom Garnett met up with him on the River Test.

Big Perch – The Joker Laughs Last

Dirk Fastenau of the Quantum Specialist Team gets the Joker out of the pack on a lure fishing session.

Reservoir Ramblings: The Doc Spot

This month Paul Garner is spending far too much time on the big waters - it's a definite case of 'Reservoir Fever'

Perch Fishing Between the Boats

Osprey Specimen Group Records Officer and veteran all round big fish angler Bob Hornegold looks back at his sessions in search of big Lea Valley perch.

A Hat Trick of PB’s: Baldwin’s Blog

This month Lewis is recovering writer's block but when he finally gets going he has some superb predator fishing to write about...
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