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Predator Fishing

Eric Edwards' Pike Blog: Ready for Spring

Eric is now looking forward to the Spring, but is puzzled by one particular catch.

Lifting the Lid on Lures: Jig Fishing

Mark Barrett saves the best until last and gets jiggy with the lure fishing method that brings out the kid in him

Zander Fishing – Shadows in the Moonlight: Part 2

Mark Barrett continues his mini-series helping you to put your first zander on the bank - or indeed to help you put a few more on the bank!

Perch Fishing – In Session with Ian and Cheryl Tomline

In the first of a new 'In Session' series Mark Barrett spends a day afloat in search of perch with husband and wife team Ian and Cheryl Tomline.

Lure Fishing – Lifting the Lid on Lures

Mark Barrett opens the first in a major new series on lure fishing with a look at the basics.

…and for my next trick – The Disappearing Pike!

If I could reproduce on stage the miracle I performed – with a witness – in the winter of 2015-16 on the banks of...

Big Perch – The Joker Laughs Last

Dirk Fastenau of the Quantum Specialist Team gets the Joker out of the pack on a lure fishing session.

Pike Fishing – It’s the Pits

Mark 'The Spark' Williams bemoans the loss of his beloved Boxing Day pike fishing session.

Predator Fishing – A Beginner’s Guide to Trolling

Mark Barrett gets afloat and takes a look at one of the most effective and enjoyable ways of targeting predators.

Pike on the Fly – Welchy Weighs In for September

Welchy takes up the offer of a day fly fishing afloat with pike fishing buddy John Synnuck; but has he bitten off more than he can Chew...
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