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Back on the Big Ponds: The Doc Spot

This month Paul Garner is dabbling in a bit of River Wye barbel fishing but it's the time of year when his mind turns increasingly to predators on the big ressies.

Pike Match Fishing – The Only Way is Esox

FishingMagic's roving match reporter Terry Comerford reports from what, for him, is a very different branch of match fishing - a pike match.

Predator Fishing – A Very Different Match for the ‘Obsessed Angler’

FishingMagic's regular commercial fishing guru and 'Obsessed Angler', Russ Evans, found himself in a very different match this week; not for him the usual carp,roach and crucians - but things with teeth!

Predator Fishing – Andrew Kennedy Nets a Hat-trick

Andrew Kennedy gets his predator season off to a flying start with three different species on a short session on the River Trent.

Reservoir Ramblings: The Doc Spot

This month Paul Garner is spending far too much time on the big waters - it's a definite case of 'Reservoir Fever'

Eric Edwards Pike Blog: Competition!

Eric Edwards finds he has a little competition on the bank this week, in the shape of both other anglers... and a family of otters!

Zander Fishing – Shadows in the Moonlight

Mark Barrett starts another of his informative and entertaining mini-series; this time it's how to catch your first zander.

Too Cold to Fish? Never!

It's never too cold to go pike fishing as this terrific short film from Sweden demonstrates...

The ‘Accidental’ Piker: Predator Fishing with Bob James

With over half a century of observations on running and still water, Bob James has a keen eye and some fascinating thoughts on pike. Dom Garnett met up with him on the River Test.

Lure Fishing – Lifting the Lid on Lures

Mark Barrett opens the first in a major new series on lure fishing with a look at the basics.
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