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Zander Fishing – In Session with Bob Roberts

FM's Assistant Editor, Mark Barrett, spends a session chasing Fenland zeds with Bob Roberts.

Zander Fishing – Shadows in the Moonlight

Mark Barrett starts another of his informative and entertaining mini-series; this time it's how to catch your first zander.

Eric Edwards Pike Blog: Deep Thinking

Eric discovers that, at this time of the year, it can be all about turnover...

Perch Fishing Between the Boats

Osprey Specimen Group Records Officer and veteran all round big fish angler Bob Hornegold looks back at his sessions in search of big Lea Valley perch.

Reservoir Ramblings: The Doc Spot

This month Paul Garner is spending far too much time on the big waters - it's a definite case of 'Reservoir Fever'

Mission Accomplished!

It was only about 6 weeks ago we reported that Dr Paul Garner had taken two big pb pike in his ambitious quest for a thirty. Well, he don't hang around, he's already gone and done it!



Pike Fishing Techniques on Lough Derg

Pete Haywood passes on afew tips when challenged with a mighty Irish lough like Derg. Same applies to Lough Ree.

Lure Fishing – Lifting the Lid on Lures

Mark Barrett opens the first in a major new series on lure fishing with a look at the basics.

Predator Fishing – Make your own Buoyant Leger Stems

Andrew Kennedy comes up with a homemade solution to those shop-bought leger stems which always tend to fall apart.
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