New Recruits Set the Pace at Team Bait-Tech

New boys Steve Tucker and Les Thompson post brilliant early results for in form Team Bait-Tech

Timing is Everything

Paul Carnwell takes a look at how best to time your session and where and when to bait and fish your swim most effectively.

Match Fishing – Cold Water Carping

Will Raison continues his series in video magazine Coarse and Match Fishing Monthly by showing how he targets 100lb from commercial fisheries in cooler conditions.

Barbel Fishing – Attacking the Swim

Dave Roberts demonstrates his proactive approach to barbel fishing as he makes an impact on the River Wye.

Fishing the Long Pole and Groundbait

Lee Werrett takes a look at one of the key methods for bagging silver fish and shows how working and feeding different lines can make a real difference to results.

Match Fishing – Bloodworm and Joker Binned!

For once match anglers are asking for bans rather than moaning about them and turnouts are 'excellent and increasing'

Match Fishing – Match Chat with Andy Kinder and Terry Comerford

Terry Comerford spent five minutes sitting beside Maver's Andy Kinder who, in the course of the conversation, came up with three real gems.

Match Fishing – The Fishery With No Name

A cautionary tale for fishery owners from Terry Comerford

Match Fishing – The Man Who Invented the Pellet Pump?

Terry Comerford meets up with the man who 'probably' changed the face of modern matchfishing with the invention which helped to shape the way we fish.

King of Clubs Angling Festival 2009

Winner of Ireland's Angling Festival Kevin Johnson joins the long list of names etched on the on the silver plate of the 'King of Clubs'
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