Opinion Piece – Anti-Anglers

If you think not offending anti-anglers will make them back off in the fight against angling then you're living in cloud cuckoo land, says Jeff Woodhouse

Charlie Chapman of Mid Street, South Nutfield, pleads guilty to disgusting practice of fly-tipping

HUGE piles of waste were strewn across a country road in one of the most shocking examples of fly-tipping to hit the South East. Items including wood, bricks, plastic bags, trees and even an ice chest were discarded in East Park Lane in Newchapel around November 27 last year.

Martin Gay's Historic Carp Captures – THIS is 'Overwhelming Evidence'…

The article written by Martin and published in Coarse Angler in November 1989 was prior to any speculation about the captures being made in Canada. Martin told of how he stumbled upon some very big carp, 'On one particular morning, not having much else to do, I took myself off to look at a water which I had known about for some years but had paid no attention to'

Salmon – Alternative Farming Strategies

Atlantic Salmon Trust Chairman, Melfort Campbell, and CEO, Tony Andrews, were in Canada last week taking part in a workshop on land-based closed-containment growing of salmon.

What price plastic? Saving the ocean from humanities worst addiction

What's the price of a bottle of water, or a ready meal from the corner shop? One pound? Two ninety-nine? The real cost is probably more than you realise. That's because our addiction to plastic is responsible for one of the worst ecological disasters of the modern age: the build up of plastic in the world's oceans.

Northumbrian Water Fined for Ouse Burn pollution

Northumbrian Water Ltd was fined £10,000 at Newcastle Magistrates on 24 September 2013 for causing sewage pollution to a stretch of the Ouse Burn in Ponteland.

What Have the EA Ever Done for Us?

Well, you can now find out just how the EA work with a wide range of partners to improve fisheries in the South East of England by viewing the latest Annual Fisheries Report.

Burrowing crayfish give college a headache after riverbank wall collapses

"Burrowing crayfish" could cost a college thousands of pounds after they eroded an Oxford riverbank and caused a wall to partially collapse.

Ian Chillcott: A Winter’s Tale ‘The Return!’

Join Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott in a winter carp session on Avalon Flats Fishery in this free-to-view Carp Channel video.

River Loddon gets a Woody Debris Makeover

The first phase of a package of works at Old Basing has recently been completed by the Thames West region of the Environment Agency.
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