Rapala: 80 Years of Finnish Originality

From its humble beginnings within the makeshift workshop of a Finnish fisherman, to the multi-national operation that it is today; the Rapala lure company is one of very few fishing lure manufacturers who can claim to have withstood the test of time, as we celebrate 80 years of Rapala's Original Finnish Minnow during the year of 2016.

Reminder to Specimen and Species Anglers of Bass Rule Changes for 2016

Specimen anglers and species hunters are being reminded to return all bass alive to the sea from now until July 1st 2016 in line with the EU conservation measures for 2016.

Jo Stephenson: Tigers on Honeymoon

Like most fishing-minded people, I'm sure, I have a massive bucket list of fish I wish to catch one day. Golden dorado, GT, Atlantic salmon, tarpon, grayling and redfish to name a few, and at the top of my list for some time was the African tiger fish.

Battling for Bass

As someone who lists among his interests fishing, the environment and politics it is always an intriguing moment for me when these themes collide. And so it was the other day when, after months of furious lobbying and agitation about the need to conserve stocks of sea bass in the North Atlantic fishery, we finally had our day in the chamber of the House of Commons.

Dave Tipping: After the Floods

Dave Tipping is a cornerstone of modern angling, quietly 'getting on with it' and modestly recounting his many accomplishments for over four decades. He has been a contributor to most of our popular magazines and, more recently, to the excellent Waterlog Magazine. It's good to have him here too... (FM)

Make the most of it!

Even as a fervent athiest I fleetingly pondered the possibility of holy intervention the day I discovered the most beautiful, un-fished stretch of the Gt. Ouse a few years back.

Fishing Magic Prize Writing Competition

We anglers are blessed. So diverse is our way of life we have a near limitless store of interesting experiences to relate; no other sport has so much literary excellence to offer.

The Eddie Benham Leader Knot

Eddie Benham has been a tench fisherman since time began but it wasn't until his discovery of a particularly good tench lake in the late noughties that the real monsters started coming to his net. With such prizes at stake, he couldn't afford to fish with anything less than the most reliable rigs and so he got to thinking...

Rod licence reform on the cards: Proposals include 3-rod option and free fishing for...

The Angling Trust's discussions with the Environment Agency on the vexed issues of the coarse angling rod licence for the use of multiple rods and charging juniors to fish look likely to produce a result that will please both youngsters and the many carp and specimen anglers who feel aggrieved at having to buy two separate rod licences.

Fishing blast kills two in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

...and you think we've got problems? Two Cambodian men have died violently in what is the third fatal accident related to illegal dynamite fishing this month.
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