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FISHRITE Challenger Total Sleeping Bag

Gary Knowles climbs into a FISHRITE Challenger sleeping bag and finds that he's getting late home from fishing 'cos he's too comfortable and can't waken up.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Know Your Fish – Dace

The Know Your Fish Guide - Dace

Discover Carp Fishing

An in-depth book about how to catch carp written by well known carping partners Simon Crow and Rob Hughes.

Review – Guru Micro Lead Clips and Square Leads

Relative newcomer Guru is set to take on the specialist market with some of it's innovative ideas. Jeff Woodhouse reviews a couple of its items here.

The Baits & Flavours Column

A minefield or a valuable part of fishing? Asks Dave Dowding in this new column devoted to baits, groundbaits and flavours.

Review – Cyprinus RX3 Match Seat Box with Footplate

Andrew Kennedy swaps his specimen rods for a match set up, heads to the Glebe, and puts the Cyprinus RX3 seat box through its paces.

Chilly on Carp, Five Part DVD from OnlineFishing.tv – Review

Angling TV channel OnlineFishing.tv is starting to put some of its 15 exclusive TV series to DVD. One that will really interest the carp angler is 'Chilly On Carp', starring Ian Chillcott.

Preview – Kingpin Imperial 425w Black

Jeff Woodhouse reviews the latest pin from Kingpin and finds that not only is it a low cost version, but saltwater-proof also.

Beginner’s Essentials 8 – Float Fishing Basics

More from the beginner's series from Mark Wintle and Graham Marsden. This week they look at float fishing basics.

All You Need to Know – Part 2, Quiver/Feeder Rods

This is the second in a series explaining items of tackle, baits, or methods of fishing. This section deals with leger, feeder, or quiver rods as they are best known.
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