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First Class Fishing Part 6 – Legering

Dave Cooper shows you how to fish the Method Feeder.

Barbel Rivers and Captures

A book by the Barbel Catcher's Club written by its members and covering the modern barbel fishing scene

Band IT Therapeutic Forearm Band

With the fly fishing season almost upon us here is more relief for tennis, or, more appropriately, fly fisher's elbow

NashBait Fish Frenzy Monster Crab and Shellfish

FishingMagic take a look at one of the all time classic flavours, in three different NashBait offerings.

ESP D-Ring Raptor Hooks

Ready-made carp rig hooks from ESP.

The Tony Miles’ Chub Rod from Pulse Direct

Specifically designed to catch big chub by one of our leading chub specialists.

Seymo Adjusta Carp Rod Rest

A reader review of a small but very functional item of kit that could just save you the price of a rod....

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper with the Part 6 of his beginner's series. This week he tells us how to cast, control and feed the swim when fishing with the waggler on rivers.

The Carp Column

Big Rik and a beginner, who asks lots of questions, take a stroll around a water. The big question is, "What's THE Secret?"

Still Searching

Dave Rothery reviews Terry Hearn's latest book and says it's not cheap but still well worth buying.
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