Fly Fishing for Kicks

Thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, intrepid explorers and those of you just looking to try something a little bit different (or a lot), step right...

EA Fishing Teach-In

"The EA works to actively encourage responsible fishing and events such as these enables the future generation of anglers to both have fun and learn how to fish properly."

Idiot’s Guide to Flyfishing – Part 3

In Part 3 Paul Fletcher delves into casting and rounds off his in-depth look at flyfishing for beginners.

Fly Fishing is Easy

So says Gary Knowles, but gives a few tips anyway to make it easier still.

Beginner’s Essentials 6 – Getting Started

Mark Wintle and Graham Marsden continue with the beginner's series. This week is all about getting started.

One for the youngsters: Decent Dan Part 3. Dan and Pete get serious!

When light came, long after the departure of the criminal, Dan left Pete to look after the fishing gear and strolled over to where...

Beginning Barbel Fishing – Part 1

As with all fishing, the most important aspect of success with barbel is location of the fish.

Fishing Lessons In Cornwall

Up to 25 children who have never been fishing before will get the chance to 'Have A Go'. The day is free and includes free bait and the loan of tackle.

Beginners Essentials – LEGERING

Mark Wintle gives us another of his articles, this time introducing the art of legering.

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper with the fourth lesson in his beginner's series. This week he expands on the basics of stillwater waggler fishing - different designs and sizes of wagglers, different shotting patterns and much more.
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