Chasing Rainbows

To the 'Purist', he's an unwelcome visitor, a second-rate fish.

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper with the fourth lesson in his beginner's series. This week he expands on the basics of stillwater waggler fishing - different designs and sizes of wagglers, different shotting patterns and much more.

Rookie on the riverbank – Episode 3/3

The third and final part of author Andrew Griffiths popular "Rookie on the Riverbank" series covers his adventures with the Kelly Kettle. Check the links at the end if you missed the first two.

Idiot’s Guide to Flyfishing – Part 2

In Part 2 Paul tells us what tackle we need and the best place to buy it so we can have a go at fluff-chucking for spotties. Flyfishing for trout that is to the uninitiated.

Beginner’s Essentials 2 – What is Coarse Fishing?

Following on from Part 1 on legal necessities, Mark Wintle tells beginners about the main types of coarse fishing available.

Fly Fishing is Easy

So says Gary Knowles, but gives a few tips anyway to make it easier still.

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper introduces the beginner to stickfloats in Part 7 of his in-depth classes.

Keep An Open Mind

There is a golden rule that says it's the fish that dictate the rules of the game.

Learn to Fish

The EA and the NFA are giving free fishing lessons at a lake near Romsey this weekend

Free Fishing Lessons

Youngsters in Dorset can reel in a winner next month by having free fishing lessons from the Environment Agency.
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