Beginner’s Essentials 4 – Buying Other Gear 1

With rods and reels dealt with Mark Wintle takes a close look at buying other fishing gear.

A New Forum Category

Beginners and Improvers, your very own forum section.

Lured into Lure Fishing

The thought of chucking a lump of plastic or wood over and over again in the hope that something would be daft enough to grab hold of it didn't make any sense.'

Fly Fishing is Easy

So says Gary Knowles, but gives a few tips anyway to make it easier still.

EA & NFA Free Instruction

The Environment Agency and the National Federation of Anglers are offering free angling instruction with the aim of encouraging those who have never tried freshwater fishing.

Beginner’s Essentials 7 – Tackle, Casting, Playing

Mark Wintle and Graham Marsden with more from the beginner's series. This week they discuss tackling up, casting and playing fish.

So you want to start carp fishing? Pt1

Part One of a two part series by Carp-coach Ian Gemson on what tackle is needed to start carp fishing

One for the youngsters: Decent Dan Part 3. Dan and Pete get serious!

When light came, long after the departure of the criminal, Dan left Pete to look after the fishing gear and strolled over to where...

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper's beginner class
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