Beginner’s Essentials 5 – Buying Other Gear 2

Mark Wintle takes a further look at buying all the other fishing tackle accessories you need to go fishing.

Beginner’s Essentials 4 – Buying Other Gear 1

With rods and reels dealt with Mark Wintle takes a close look at buying other fishing gear.

Beginner’s Essentials 3 – Rods and Reels

Different styles of fishing each have rods and reels that are best suited to them, writes Mark Wintle

Beginner’s Essentials 2 – What is Coarse Fishing?

Following on from Part 1 on legal necessities, Mark Wintle tells beginners about the main types of coarse fishing available.

New to angling?

Then pick up a copy of the Environment Agency's 'Where to go fishing' guide, now available in tackle shops.

Wintle’s Trotting Articles

Archive of float Trotting articles from expert Mark Wintle.

Beginner’s Essentials 1

Mark Wintle with some expert advice for beginners.

First Class Fishing

Dave Cooper's beginner class

Learn to Fish

The EA and the NFA are giving free fishing lessons at a lake near Romsey this weekend
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