Barbel From Yorkshire Rivers – Part 2

Sean Meeghan with Part 2 of his great new series on tackling the barbel in Yorkshire's rivers. In this one he looks at the approach to deeper water

Barbel Fishing on the Tidal Trent

Ron Clay describes the tackle, tactics and bait he uses to tame Trent barbel. "The fish are getting bigger," he says, "and well established."

A Question Of Carp

The third in the Question of Carp series in which Stuart Dennis, as spokesman for all carp angling improvers, asks all the right questions of FISHINGmagic's resident carp guru Big Rik. Part 3 is - SETTING UP.

Westlin Winds

Sean was so disappointed at the postponement of the Clattercote match he decided instead to start his winter chub campaign.

Snag Fishing for Big Carp

Shane Calton goes snag fishing for the elusive carp of Walton Dam

Planning A Foreign Fishing Holiday

Planning is the key to a good foreign fishing holiday. Graham tells you how to go about it.

The Acquired Arte of Worme Getteing

Here's an archive piece: an article from Mr Mole on how to catch those wriggly worms...

Trotting Part 1 – Introduction

With the new river season just a month away regular FM contributor Mark Wintle starts a timely new series of four step-by-step articles that dissect river float trotting.

Carp Care

Doctor Dave Rothery gets out his medicine bag and treats his fish to some well-deserved TLC before he slips them back even better than when he caught them

Floater Fishing for Carp

Fishing surface baits teaches you a lot about how carp feed - and it's good fun too!
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