Zed Fever – Part 2

Part 2 of 3 - Tooling up for zeds. Fenland predator specialist Chris Bishop recommends the tackle you need to catch zander.

‘Air Dried’ Baits

Rik and Stuart are big believers in air dried baits. Here they explain why they prefer them, and show you, in words and pictures, just how to make them

Caldwell’s Chronicles – Addicted to Smoking

Eddie Caldwell is addicted to smoking - trout that is, with a recipe given to him by a poacher!

Making the Most of it – Part 2

Mark Hodson is back with more ways to help you make the most of your time on the bank - but don't make your rods up at home, he says, for it could put you at a serious disadvantage

The Carp Column

Groundbaiting for big carp is very seldom used by anglers and can be a different and devastating method at all times of the year. Get on it before they all find out!

Barbel From Yorkshire Rivers – Part 2

Sean Meeghan with Part 2 of his great new series on tackling the barbel in Yorkshire's rivers. In this one he looks at the approach to deeper water

John Alden Knight’s Solunar Tables

Unravelling the Mystery of Fishing's Best Times - The Moon Theory, USA style.

A Passion For Pike

A brand new series by Gary Knowles, that takes us through the essentials of pike fishing, beginning with a guide to the care and conservation of this great fish.

Pike from Featureless Fisheries

When pike fishing, is the best policy to move or not to move? It depends where you're fishing, says Graham Marsden

Lured into Lure Fishing – Part 3

"Grandma's, Pigs, Burts and Bucktails? My first thought was that he was taking the p***, but then I remembered what a nice guy Eric was, and knew he would never dream of doing that!"
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