Tackle Workshop

Our Tackle Technologist Budgie Burgess shows you in words and pictures how to repair a broken quivertip.

The Baits & Flavours Column

Mr Wriggles, sometimes known as Dave Dowding, continues with his close look at worms. In Part Two he looks at the redworm.

Learn To Lure Fish The Professional Way

Professional angling coach, sponsored by leading lure people Harris Angling, offers lessons in lure fishing.

In a Spin, Part 4 – Choosing a Rod and Reel

In a Spin, Part 4: Jeff gives his thoughts on the types, lengths, and strengths of rods he uses and with which reels he prefers.

All You Need to Know – Part 2, Quiver/Feeder Rods

This is the second in a series explaining items of tackle, baits, or methods of fishing. This section deals with leger, feeder, or quiver rods as they are best known.

The Baits & Flavours Column

Coloured deadbaits such as sprats can be devastating in use and can make all the difference to a fishless session, says Dave. So he shows you how to colour and flavour your own.

Tench Time

There's no better time than right now to catch a tench, says Graham, now the waters are warm and before they spawn.

The Carp Column – Old, Pre-soaked Baits

No he isn't hankering for par-boiled spuds, Big Rik takes a look at washed out baits; pre-soaked baits that appear to have been cast in for a long spell

Loading Lines on Reels, Part 1 – Centrepins

One of the most frequently asked question on the forums is - how do I load line? What type of line? How do I avoid twist in the line? Let's try to answer these....

From the FM Archives – Winter Chub

This week's top articles from the FM archives covers Winter Chub, with articles, rigs, reviews and more.
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