The Carp Column

Big Rik and a beginner, who asks lots of questions, take a stroll around a water. The big question is, "What's THE Secret?"

Loading Lines on Reels, Part 2 – Fixed Spool Reels

Following on from Part 1 - Centrepins, Jeff continues his explanations of how to load line on fixed spool reels whilst, hopefully, avoiding twist.

Pole Fishing from the Beginning – Part 1

Peter Jacobs with the first part of a comprehensive guide to taking up pole fishing for the first time.

The Carp Column – Old, Pre-soaked Baits

No he isn't hankering for par-boiled spuds, Big Rik takes a look at washed out baits; pre-soaked baits that appear to have been cast in for a long spell

Mapping The Rivers

Do your homework on the rivers and you'll be a better lure angler for it, says Steve Crowther.

The Offbeat Art of Fish Fighting

A slightly offbeat and personal view of fish-fighting technique from Jeremy Airey

Modern Carp Angling

Graham wonders if carp fishing will eventually stagnate following all the innovations and progress in the last 50 years

Forgotten Baits

Jeff Woodhouse says we tend to forget that there are some excellent but forgotten baits out there that could lead to a good bag-up or a big fish

On The Chub Trail – Part 1

The first part of a five part series from chub fanatic Dave Slater. In Part 1 Dave tells us how it all began

Positive River Piking

Graham Marsden with an in-depth feature about fishing rivers for pike.
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