Wintle’s World of Angling – Worms and Lollipops

With about 100 years angling experience between us, here we were, learning new methods, says Mark Wintle. When it comes to chopped worms and lollipops it's time to suck it and see...

A Cut Above

Two rusty old scythe blades, four cut hands, and a pile of weed.

The Pleasure Angle – The Legend of Big Bud #2

Mark Hodson continues with his guide to surface lure fishing with Big Bud making his debut in the lair of the pike, the predator with the sinister eyes...

The Knock

Barbel ace Roy Sutton with a tried and tested method of discovering if you're wasting your time on a winter barbel session. Knock knock - Come in!

Starting Carping Part 5 – Watercraft

Watercraft can't really be learned, says Dave Rothery but he has a damn good attempt at trying to teach you.

The Carp Column

A new columnist joins FISHINGmagic. Big Rik, or Carp Angler, as he's known to many, will be writing regularly about all aspects of carp and carp fishing.

Four Flies for the Press Manor Fish-in

Neil Thomas (NT) with the four flies he will be tying at the Press Manor, Andy Wright Memorial, Fish-in in May. He used these successfully at last year's fish-in

So you want to start carp fishing? Pt2

The second and final article by Ian Gemson on the essential tackle required for those taking up carp fishing for the first time.

PVA – The ‘Confuser of Carp’

Dave Rothery goes into meltdown with some invaluable advice about why you should use PVA - and how

The Pleasure Angle

A brand new fortnightly series from Mark Hodson that looks at pleasure fishing but with an inclination towards bigger fish
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