Finding New Waters

David Will gives some timely advice about how the all-round specialist can find new waters this spring.

Positive River Piking

Graham Marsden with an in-depth feature about fishing rivers for pike.

Pit Fishing for Tench – Part 2

In Part 2 Steve Innes of The TenchFishers shares the secrets of his tackle box for pit tenching.

High Attractor Hook Baits

One of Britain's top chefs, Scott Ratcliffe, explains his method for making high attractor hook baits, which are especially good in winter, he says.

Starting Carping Part 13 – Long Range Casting

Dave Rothery on distance casting - here's how, in words, pictures and video.

Keep Catching Through Winter

Ian Gemson has some tips on how to keep catching through the hardest months of the year

Boilie Basics

Part 2 of Boilie Basics - Rolling, Boiling, Drying, Freezing and Storing, and some favourite recipes to make your own boilies from top baits and flavours baron Mr Wriggles.

Piking in the Margins

'If you want to find one of the most unfished areas on a lot of venues, start looking within a couple of rod lengths of the bank.'

Fish Spotting – What to Look For

Spotting fish often leads to fish in the net. And if nothing else it beats train spotting!

Cameras For Anglers

With all the talk on the forum about digital cameras we thought it was about time we did a feature about them, and how to make the best choice to suit your requirements and your budget.
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