How to – Making Pike Traces

Jeff explains his methods on how to make your own pike snap and lure traces

Barbel From Yorkshire Rivers – Part 7 Winter

Sean Meeghan has finally succumbed and had a last fling for barbel.

Saltwater Flyfishing

Kieran Hanrahan tries out some new Kenyan saltwater flies, and there's a chance for you to try them too

Barbel From Big Rivers

Graham Marsden with a basic guide to locating and catching barbel from bigger rivers

Purely for Pleasure

It looks like flooded back-end rivers are going to be the norm, so Dave Cooper has some timely advice.

Loading Lines on Reels, Part 2 – Fixed Spool Reels

Following on from Part 1 - Centrepins, Jeff continues his explanations of how to load line on fixed spool reels whilst, hopefully, avoiding twist.

Standing On My Own Two Feet

More thoughts from Stuart Dennis the man who thinks outside the box. This offering concerns the scent of humans and how it affects fish.

Eyes on Flies

Eyes on flies and lures make them more productive, says a leading American marine flyfisherman.

Fishers Green Best for Boss

Using the rolling bait technique produces best of season barbel for fishery chief.

The Baits & Flavours Column

In the final part of his worm series Dave Dowding takes a close look at the big boy of the bait box, the lobworm, and tells us how to collect, store and use them.
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