The Pleasure Angle – Essential Non-Essentials

Mark Hodson in his new bi-weekly column, lists the bits and pieces he wouldn't be without

Going the distance: Long range casting

Ian Gemson hits the far margins with this informative article on long-distance casting

Lured into Lure Fishing – Part 6

The last part in Gary Knowles' fascinating insight into an angler's introduction to lure fishing - with a fabulous result!

Fishing the Salmo Slider Jerkbaits

Chris Chandler-Stokes with some great pictures and instructions on how to fish the Salmo Slider jerkbaits.

Planning A Foreign Fishing Holiday

Planning is the key to a good foreign fishing holiday. Graham tells you how to go about it.

The Acquired Arte of Worme Getteing

Here's an archive piece: an article from Mr Mole on how to catch those wriggly worms...

Trotting Part 1 – Introduction

With the new river season just a month away regular FM contributor Mark Wintle starts a timely new series of four step-by-step articles that dissect river float trotting.

Carp Care

Doctor Dave Rothery gets out his medicine bag and treats his fish to some well-deserved TLC before he slips them back even better than when he caught them

Floater Fishing for Carp

Fishing surface baits teaches you a lot about how carp feed - and it's good fun too!

Lured into Lure Fishing – Part 4

In Part 4 of this in-depth diary of beginning lure fishing Gary covers the spinnerbaits and soft plastic baits (rubbers)
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