A Passion For Pike – Part 4

The essential pike fishing guide from Gary Knowles. Part 4 covers the many items of terminal tackle now available, forms of bite indication and in what circumstances and conditions you would use them.

Fishing Clear Rivers

Graham Marsden writes about fishing rivers with clear water, with the focus on subtle tackle and subtle anglers

In a Spin, Part 3 – Plugs

Jeff Woodhouse on plugs, part 3 in this series on lure fishing.

Finding the Fish

Jason Fisher says it's watercraft that really matters and tells you how he finds the fish on a two mile stretch of the Thames

Daring to be Different

Rik and Stuart are back on the carp trail and they're asking if you dare to be different

The Wallis Cast

Updated - Centrepin maestro Alan Roe teaches you the famous Wallis cast in words, pictures and a video clip.

My Quest for Tench – Part 2

Paul and Geoff continue their quest for big tench, resulting in Paul slipping the net under the Welsh record for the species!

Purely for Pleasure

Dave Cooper, probably the worst angler after me for looking after tackle, writes about caring for your kit. This should be interesting.......

Wintle's World – No Feed Float Fishing

Correct feeding is often the key to success when bait fishing yet not feeding at all can sometimes be successful, says Mark Wintle.

All You Need To Know – Part 3, Stick and Waggler Floats

Jeff now looks at all the floats you can buy and unravels the mysteries of which to choose and how best they can be used.
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