How to Touch Leger

'Touch legering is for geeks who don't know how to use a quivertip. And anyhow, what's so special about feeling for bites when you can see the bloody things?'

In a Spin, Part 6 – Small Time Spinning

In this, what he promises to be the absolute last in this series, Jeff explains what you need for some autumnal fun catching perch on small spinners.

Fishing Clear Rivers

Graham Marsden writes about fishing rivers with clear water, with the focus on subtle tackle and subtle anglers

All You Need to Know – Part 2, Quiver/Feeder Rods

This is the second in a series explaining items of tackle, baits, or methods of fishing. This section deals with leger, feeder, or quiver rods as they are best known.

All You Need to Know – Part 1, Swimfeeders

This is the first in a new series, Jeff explains items of tackle, baits, or methods of fishing that might help the newcomer and seasoned angler alike.

Loading Lines on Reels, Part 3 – Baitcasters

In the last of his series, Jeff deals with the baitcaster type of reel and shows how to load it with just sufficient line.

Barbel From Big Rivers

Graham Marsden with a basic guide to locating and catching barbel from bigger rivers

Snag Fishing for Big Carp

Shane Calton goes snag fishing for the elusive carp of Walton Dam

Wintle's World – No Feed Float Fishing

Correct feeding is often the key to success when bait fishing yet not feeding at all can sometimes be successful, says Mark Wintle.

Loading Lines on Reels, Part 2 – Fixed Spool Reels

Following on from Part 1 - Centrepins, Jeff continues his explanations of how to load line on fixed spool reels whilst, hopefully, avoiding twist.
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