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Running a Club as a Business Archive

Full archive of articles relating to the series Running a Club as a Business, by Jeff Woodhouse

The Poppernoster Pike Rig

Chris Bishop shows us the Poppernoster Pike Rig, a rig for fishing virtually tangle-free popped-up deadbaits.

The Wyre Rig – the Ultimate Carp Rig

Dave Drought reckons this 360 degree sliding hooklength is the ultimate big fish rig for hard waters.

Bent Hook and Substitute Rigs

Bent hook rig and a rig for replacing the bent hook rig, same efficiency but safe, by Dave Rothery

The Method

If you are an experienced angler or even someone fairly new to the sport ‘The Method’ will be known to you if only in...

Salmon, Trout & Charr of the World

This is one of the great books on the salmon family and is clearly written by a keen angler.

Liquidus Smart Bags

Some new PVA bags from Badger Classics are put to the test.

PowerPro Braided Line

There are braids and braids but PowerPro appears to be the choice of most knowledgeable specialist anglers and the No. 1 choice of predator hunters.

The Shimano Antares Specialist Rod

A top drawer rod with two tops, and the good news is that you can win one in our Shimano Survey!

Marryat CMR Fly Reel

A reader review of a top of the range fly reel from Lureflash.
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