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Where to Fish

The Bait & Tackle Centre Report

The river Thames is full of weed, bass and smoothounds, as well as flounders. But the fishing at Southend is slow.

Oh for a Rod!

Austria and Italy, but no fish.......

River Level Check

The telephone numbers to ring to find out the water level of the river you want to visit.

Venue Spotlight – Creedy Lakes

Dave Rothery spotlights commons water Creedy Lakes, North Devon

The Linear Report

Len Gurd reports with news about Oxford's Linear Fisheries - Carp over 30 from Guys

French FAQ

Many people think about fishing in France but the unknown factor can be off-putting. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions - and the answers - from the English rep of Domaine des Iles.

Lymm Angling Club Notes

A number of members are on a mission to catch a double-figure tench and the bailiffs are geared up for a blitz.

The Magic Of Lake Nasser

Barrie Rickards fishes an Egyptian lake so large it would stretch from Cambridge to North Yorkshire, with 4000 miles of shoreline.

The Linear Report

Len Gurd reports with the latest news from Oxford's Shimano Linear Fisheries complex - A 33-pounder is caught but captor goes home 'devastated..........'

Lymm Angling Club Notes

The mystery of Whitley Pool - experts say it can't sustain fish life, but the specimens it produces defy their logic.
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