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Zen and the art of permit fishing

Catching the impossible permit on a flyrod you have built yourself must be an amazing buzz. John Miao escapes the winter snows to make a dream come true

Bonefish on a budget

The Bonefish of the Bahamas. Geoff Maynard suggests you empty the piggy bank, cheat the kids out of their inheritance, sell non-existant TVs on eBay. Whatever. Just get hold of the money somehow and DO IT!

A Summer's Carp Fishing at Sutton

Russ Burlington made a wise investment in a Cemexangling ticket last year. Here's how he got on.

A Winter's Day on Yateley Sandhurst Lake

Ian Gemson sets out his stall for a winter thirty

International Pike Challenge 2009 – Part 3

The Final Countdown! We are now on Friday, 3rd day of fishing, last day of fishing and another match to play for today.

Hobnobbing with the Royals

Angling legend Dave Steuart goes on safari for African Tigerfish

A Summer's Day on the Famous Yateley Sandhurst Lake

Angling's top carp-coach Ian Gemson takes a client to a stunning venue for a stupendous brace of fish.

Linear Fisheries Catch Reports

All the latest catches from the Oxfordshire fishery, Linear.

Fish&Fly Winter 2009 ezine – 'Focus On… The Seychelles'

With the lure of winter sun and tropical destinations upon us in the Northern Hemisphere once again, Fish&Fly have put together a Winter 2009 ezine about fly fishing in the beautiful Seychelles archipelago.

International Pike Challenge 2009 – Part 2

Setting off with hopes and dreams that would, during the course of the day, be dashed on the rocks of Lough Ree.
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