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Report on Furzebray Lakes, Devon

Not quite a French trip, Dave (Frothy) Rothery has to satisfy himself with a trip to a fairly local lake and gets lucky this time.

International Pike Challenge 2009 – Part 1

Across mighty seas, two of our intrepid members set sale for Ireland to take on Europe in a pike challenge for members of the media.

Rick Humphrey's Thai fishing Diary – Oct 2009

Rick's regular update on the Thai fishing scene.

A drift down the Tidal Thames.

Explore the tidal river Thames and be guided by the local angler known only as A. Mushroom!

The Land of the Giants: Sturgeon

The monsters of the Columbia river come out to play with Geoff Maynard.

The Tripletail Brothers

Geoff Maynard goes to Florida in search of this rarely mentioned powerful game fish and the anglers who regularly pursue it.

Swim Along Here: Ebro catfish

Want to catch a fish bigger than you are? Geoff Maynard revisits the Spanish catfish of the River Ebro and finds they've grown on a bit.

Temple throws up its 80th Thirty of the year!

Temple lake, part of the famous Bury Hill complex, has given up its 80th thirty-pounder of the year to lucky Paul Pitchley. More of the story here....

A Trip to Mas Bas

Immediately following on from her visit to the Les Noyers fishery, Samantha and the family motor on down to Mas Bas in the south west of France.

A Trip to Les Noyers.

In May of this year, Samantha and family drove off to France to research the wonderful lakes of Les Noyer. This is her account of the week that followed and how her small son almost beat her to it.
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