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New Lake Being Built in East Sussex

New lake to be opened this summer in Pembury. Memberships still available.

Swedish Angler Nets 40lb Pike

David Lundqvist, a founder member of the Swedish Pike Club, captures a 40lb pike from Baltic sea estuary.

Trout Water to Allow Piking

Piking at Pitsford to be allowed from June onwards.

Of Mice and Taimen

In search of giant taimen and bizarre lenok in the heart of northern Mongolia.

Fishing in Mexico – Part 3

Tuna, Yellowtail, and - almost - a Sailfish and Shark!

3rd Live Report from Melton Pit

Friday, 28th April, 4pm - The latest from Melton Pit, Suffolk.

2nd Live Report from Melton Pit

Thursday, 27th April - FISHINGmagic continues to bring you the most up-to date news on the web with this series of live reports from the waterside.

Live Report from Melton Pit, Suffolk

Wednesday, 26 April, 9.30am. FISHINGmagic.com does it again - first live report from the water's edge!

Leopard Sharks on a Fly

Sharks on fly tackle - yes, it's true!

Catfish in Feeding Mood

Moggies in feeding frenzy over Europe.
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