Crinkle Tail Deported

RMC re-development of the Copse Lake will begin in earnest this winter.

River Ter –Torella d’Montgri

Just to make us all dead envious a reader sends us a report and some pictures from sunny Spain.

Match Venue Spotlight – Browning Cudmore Fisheries

Spotlight on match venues with a contact number for further information

Warrington AA Guardian Notes

"I probably shouldn't open my big mouth again, but hopefully we have had our winter for this year and the warmer conditions should certainly improve the prospects for some decent sport over the weekend."

French Carping – Moorland Fisheries

Hot, sweaty and humid but still the big fish, both carp and cats, are caught from this 300 year old French estate lake

The Linear Report

Len Gurd reports with the latest news from Oxford's Richworth-Linear Fisheries complex - Cold weather making it difficult but some nice fish netted from Oxlease

South African Angling Safari

A thumbnail sketch told mainly in pictures by Trevor Babich of his piscatorial pursuits from his S. A. diary December 2000 and January 2001.

Lymm Angling Club Notes

Mixed fortunes on the fisheries remains the name of the game due to the changing weather. And the same applies to young Ryan who landed 30 roach before being spiked by a perch!

New Carp Fishing Holiday Brochure

Twenty venues in France and Canada, ranging from ‘easy catch’ waters to true specimen lakes.

Big Carp & Bream From RMC

Kingsmead One and Frimley hit top form with a run of big carp and big bream.
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