FISHINGmagic has received several reports that catfish are feeding well throughout the UK and Europe. In the UK, fisheries in Cheshire, Merseyside, the midlands and southern counties are producing catfish in spite of the recent cold spell.

It is believed that most of the catfish captures are falling to carp anglers as the cats scoop up boilies in this early spring binge. Many carp anglers visit France and other European countries at this time of year where the weather is generally a few degrees warmer. Those waters with cat stocks as well as carp are reporting some exceptional catches of big cats.

One northern angler said, ‘I heard the carp boys were doing well with cats on my local water so I decided to try for them with a boilie mix that I had a lot of success with when fishing for barbel last season. The first time out I lost a cat estimated at 18 to 20lb and caught another of 15lb 10oz.’

As the water temperature warms and the cats become more active they are more likely to turn their attention to bigger portions, which is when live and deadbaits will come into their own.