Dominic Garrett has, clearly, been around a bit; enough to have accumulated a wealth of weird and wonderful experiences:  pike-fishing in a Somerset ditch; clotting for eels; fishing the very best and the indisputably crappiest waters in the UK…and what have England’s shabbiest white van, a forgotten river and a man born with twelve fingers got in common?

All feature in Crooked Lines, a collection of wildly entertaining tales from acclaimed fishing author Dominic Garnett. From remote British lakes to the middle of Manhattan; through a barbed wire fence or even a hole in the ice, the lively stories and original artwork of this anthology will delight anglers of all persuasions.


  “Sharp, witty and bloody well written… has that rare gift to convey the magic of the sport.” –Angling Times 

  “Irreverent, quirky and fresh…Dom has a body of work that spans disciplines, species and countries, and the best of it is right here in this book”Matt Hayes

  “Looks like one for the Christmas stocking” – Cliff Hatton, Editor, Fishing Magic 

Other Features:  

– Foreword by Matt Hayes

– Some of the wildest, funniest and strangest fishing tales you will ever read! 

– Exclusive artwork and illustrations 


The Author: Dominic Garnett is a writer and photographer based in Devon. With leftfield humour and a taste for the unconventional, his unique take on fishing has featured in over 200 articles, Nat Geo and Sky Sports coverage, as well as several books including the Amazon Bestseller “Fly-fishing for Coarse Fish”.


The Artist: Lord Bunn is an illustrator based in Sheffield, where his edgy, offbeat designs have featured everywhere from band artwork to city signs and murals.


Price: £9.99


ISBN:  978-0-9931204-1-1