On the strength of Dave’s good catch from the Ribble just a week ago we decided it was time for a simple decision – so we went back to the same stretch and fished exactly the same swims as we fished last week. No swapping, no nothing, Dave in the same swim as last week and the same with me.

Graham and his best fish of the session at 5lb 8oz (click for bigger picture)

Not only that but we fished the same tactics (cage feeder and mashed bread), and the same bait (bread) at the same time of day.

Okay, enough of the ‘sameness’, for, unlike last week, the river was well down and running very clear. It was also cold, with the landing nets freezing to the ground during darkness, and steaming breath clouding up the camera lens.

We honestly didn’t expect to do anywhere near as well as we did last week, when Dave had nine good chub and I had six, including one that crept into the 5lb bracket at 5lb 1oz. But it actually turned out even better – for me anyway!

We didn’t have anywhere near as many bites as we’ve had on some sessions in the same swims (when most bites were missed), but what bites we had were real rod-benders, with the fish hanging onto the bait with a determination that suggested they really wanted it. In fact, the fish fought a lot harder than usual, taking line off the reel on the first run to the point where we thought for a few moments that we’d hooked into small barbel.

Dave and one of his brace
We were catching a different shoal of fish than the previous week too, with most of them being upper ‘fours’, with deep bodies and immaculate scales. It was my ‘turn’ this week, for I had the lion’s share of the fish, catching 10 over four, with two of them topping 5lb, the best one pulling the scales to 5lb 8oz.

It was a very enjoyable session, in cold but pleasant fishing conditions, with the fish being more than cooperative for a change.

Roll on next week!

When no doubt we will be back to normal with crap conditions and bites as rare as rocking horse sh*te.