How to Make a Fly Box from a DVD Case

Parts required:

  • Old DVD case
  • Old mouse mat
  • Piece of old open cell foam sheeting or old rig foam sheet

Take an old mouse mat and turn it upside down so the black foam is facing upwards. Cut to the size and include cut-outs where necessary so as to conform to the shape of the flat inside panel of your DVD case. Remember to leave a margin of around 1mm down the hinge side for clearance. Stick the plastic side to the flat panel with glue or fix into place with double sided sticky back plastic tape (carpet tape)

DIY Fly Box
DIY Fly Box

Take a sheet of open cell foam (like what pc parts are packed with) or old rig foam sheet and cut to fit the other DVD case inside panel (the dvd holder side) and fix or glue into place. This acts as a cushioned lid.

DIY Fly Box with Flies
DIY Fly Box with Flies

And when you have made your box you’ll need to populate it with flies

Now all is needed is a label for your fly case, using a dvd cover as template and images gathered from the internet (none copyrighted) simply cut and paste in using your favourite imaging software.

DIY Fly Box Cover
DIY Fly Box Cover

Like so.

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