Paul Wheeler writes the occasional article for FISHINGmagic. He is also the English representative of Le Domaine des Iles French carp lake, and holds the lake record for DDI with a 66-pounder.

TOP: The real thing
BOTTOM: The Fake

So when he spotted an angler on another website holding a fish of 61lb that appeared to be the same fish he naturally began to take a greater interest.

At first he thought that someone had caught the same fish at a different weight, but then realised that not only was it the same fish at the same weight, but the captor had also caught Paul’s hands!

The captor of the 61-pounder, one Gary Norton, had submitted the picture to a popular and respected website with the caption that the fish had been caught at 61lbs from a lake in the south of France.

Since being rumbled Mr Norton has e-mailed David Elford, webmaster of the DDI website from where the picture was lifted, saying that he did it because he wanted to put one across his mate who was a ‘bullshitter’.

The picture, and another one that was being used to advertise bait that Mr Norton was producing and selling, have been removed from the website.

FISHINGmagic would like to make it clear that the website concerned had no part in the scam and acted appropriately when the matter was brought to their attention.

You can view the orginal and genuine picture here: Domaine des Iles