By Tony Miles
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Published by Little Egret press
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Recently, all sorts of criticism has been levelled at the huge barbel of the Great Ouse and, more sadly, at the anglers fishing for them. I’ve always thought this a little unfair.

The truth of the matter is that 10 years ago no one had ever heard of Adams Mill or Kickles Farm.

In this well written book, Tony Miles – the pioneer of the barbel fishing along this part of the Ouse – describes the early days of discovery, right through to the capture of some truly legendary barbel. This is not a book on how to catch fish, but more an account on how fish were caught. There are sections where the feeding habits of barbel are described in detail. Tony has not only caught these fish but has obviously spent many hours watching them. His description of some of the battles he had with these specimens made my own arm ache.

The chapter on baits is also fascinating.

Although I do most of my barbel fishing on the Trent, there is no doubt that certain points regarding barbel behaviour can be adopted for fishing even this mighty stream.

I would recommend this book to any keen barbel angler. Nothing has been kept back. Even swims and the fish taken from them have been pinpointed.


If you want a signed copy by the author and the artist – Tom O’Reilly, be quick about it. This book, which is beautifully produced by the publishers and destined to become a classic is, in my opinion, Tony Miles’ best.