This week is launched in the UK.

Fishdeal is a kind of ‘Groupon’ website for anglers and every day four different fishing products will be sold via the website. All of the products have a discount of at least 40% on the RRP, some up to 70%.

Fishdeal is already well known and established in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and now a new office is being opened in the UK as well.

How does it work?

Firstly, Fishdeal buys large quantities of tackle from the brands, so they are able to negotiate great discounts.

Secondly, Fishdeal focuses on products from the catalogues of, for example, 2012 and 2013. So whilst all of all the products are new, they are not necessarily the newest products in a given range, as most brands add new items to their ranges every year.

Fishdeal simply buys the older items, but a new rod from the 2013 range can be just as good as one from the current range – the difference is you pay only 50% of the price!

At this moment 70,000 anglers are already subscribed!


We cooperate with top brands such as:  JRC, Daiwa, Fox, Shimano, Savage Gear, Cormoran, Storm, Spro, Dam, Iron Claw, Nash, Berkley, Rapala and many more.


Everyone from FishingMagic signing up for the newsletter at will go into a draw to win one of the prize tackle items below, the names of the winners will be published here on FishingMagic in two weeks.


Sign up for the newsletter and get a free voucher as well

In addition to the prize draw when you sign up for the newsletter you will get a free voucher code as well! So sign up NOW and be 100% sure that you don’t miss any deal!

To sign up and receive your first deals, and the voucher, simply go to and enjoy the opportunity to buy the top tackle at the very best prices.