Fishery Update – Moorland Fisheries, Etang Du Roivre

Hi everybody. Two weeks ago I opened the newsletter by suggesting that autumn visitors could anticipate some good results. The seven anglers who travelled down with Bob Shears on Saturday 30th September certainly shared a considerable catch of carp. Between the eight of them they bagged ninety-six carp including thirty-seven thirties and four forties. Six of the eight caught personal bests and all but one caught thirty-five pound plus fish. The pick of the crop were young Jack with a 42.08 lb mirror and Doug with a brace of forties at 40.02 lb and 40.08 lb.

Unfortunately Bob didn’t break his 40.08 lb personal best but as he has already booked three weeks for next year I don’t think it will take too long!

I don’t have the exact details of the weights of each of the thirties but I am fairly confident that nearly half of them were thirty-five plus and should therefore be new forties for 2007.

The five lads that started last weekend (Saturday 7th October) were faced with flat calm conditions, rapidly plummeting water temperatures and bright sunshine. Not ideal fishing conditions but as the week progressed everyone got his turn and they ended with 50 fish to 44.08 lb with one other forty and nineteen thirties. I don’t think any of them will object to me saying that they slightly struggled to come to terms with fishing with light clutches and matching hook-link materials to hook patterns in order to reduce fish losses. Without the dropped carp the total score would probably have been 65 plus.

Yet again the anglers went down the route of heavy baiting (approx 85 kg of boilies between them) and this seems to be continuing to produce results.

As if to underline how fickle this carp angling game can be, I packed away my bivvy as Clive and Mark left for blighty and at three thirty I decided to cast out three rods from the dam wall. I used single 14 mm “Moorlands special live system” boilies from CC Moore with five bait bags and about 200 baits scattered around the area. My middle rod was aimed at the “Pampas” swim and 30 minutes later the Delkim signalled a slow take. After a very powerful battle Wayne netted “Gilbert” for me at 43.04 lb. I did nothing to deserve that fish but I enjoyed catching it immensely. I can only say…..Oi…Oi !

Be lucky.

Keith Moors

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