A successful show for FISHINGmagic.com was marred by some peculiar events. As the team of four – Sally, Maria, Alex and myself – were posing for a photo on the stand I felt a strange pressure on my head. I didn’t know what it was at the time but it forced me to my knees just as the camera shutter clicked. I’m normally 6ft 5ins tall but it made me look about 5ft 6ins. The photograph revealed all, the big bloke in the red suit was patting me on the head and no doubt saying, ‘don’t worry old man, your legs will stop aching soon.’ Trouble was, he was patting just that little too hard.

In the Hotel on both nights Alex reported being woken by the sound of a chainsaw on several occasions. It’s funny that, because when I’ve shared a room, or slept within 100yds of anglers in bivvies at the waterside, they too have reported similar incidents the following morning. The noise has woken me on the odd occasion but it stops immediately I open my eyes.

Sally told us an interesting story about a strange ritual they have in Holland on ‘Queens Day’. Apparently the people stand along the side of a river and raise the water level in various ways. It sounded very bizarre to me, and I just wish I could tell you the full story, but as this is a family web site I can’t. Has anyone else heard of this peculiar ritual? Myself, I wonder if it wasn’t Sally just fantasising.

Maria is just mad-keen on fishing and bored us all night with tales of catching big bream.