Report for week ending 27th July

Best tactics have been to use nymph or buzzer patterns to either afloating or slow sink line.

Patterns such as a Damselfly Nymph, GRHE Nymph, or Montana Nymphhave been very popular as have Fritz Lures and Tadpoles of variouscolours. All have resulted in some very good catches.

Nottingham angler Mr Paul Walker found this to be the case, hetook the weeks best 8 fish bag limit to Fritz Lures. The total weightof his fish was 25 lb 8 oz. All came from the Aerators.

Other areas worth a mention are the Cascade Bay to the GorseBushes and the area from Verduns Point to Hut Point. These areas havebeen good for both boat and bank anglers.

Early mornings and late evenings have been the more productivetimes, the hot bright weather sends the fish into deeper cooler waterduring the middle parts of the day.

Evenings have seen some good hatches of sedges and buzzers so comeprepared with patterns to match these flies.

Prospects for the week to come

The weather forecast is for the hot bright weather to continue sostill early mornings and late evenings are going to be the besttimes. Sedge and buzzer patterns should be the best tactics to adopt.The Aerators should be the place to head for during the middle partsof the day and fish the top 5 feet of water. The water here, beingpumped with air from a compressor remains pretty cool so there is noneed to go too deep – The fish don’t !!

Best Areas –

“Aerators – Areators – Areators!!

“Cascade to the Gorse Bushes

“Verduns Point

“Hut Point

Best Patterns-

“Damselfly Nymphs

“Buzzer Patterns – Black or Green

“GRHE Nymphs

“Fritz Lures and Tadpoles – Black, Green or Orange.

Week totals – 208 fish caught from 103 returns giving a rodaverage of 2.01 and an average weight of 2lbs 4oz.

Seasons totals – 7860 fish caught from 2712 returns giving a rodaverage of 2.9 and top rainbow (so far) is 15lbs 2oz.

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