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  1. Ooooooops
  2. Fishing for Votes?
  3. New! Cartoon Caption Competition!
  4. Cartoon Caption Competition - No2
  5. Hurry! Sportfish Fly Gear 10% Reduction Sale Ends Today!
  6. Fish O Mania XXlll Winner to net £50,000
  7. Bait: You Gotta Love the Concept...
  8. Carp Team England 8th Man Announced
  9. The Indications are good...
  10. Cartoon Caption Competition - 3rd pic!
  11. Cartoon Caption Competition - No.4
  12. Cartoon Caption Competition - No.5
  13. All Fluff & Waders! The Evolution of Fly Fishing.
  14. Cartoon Caption No.6
  15. The Right Place at the Right Time...
  16. Fighting for Fishing: It's All Been Rather Good!
  17. Cartoon Caption Competition No.7
  18. Environment Agency Awards Fisheries Contract to the Angling Trust
  19. Cartoon Caption Competition - No.8
  20. Anglers Mail Aug 11th 2015
  21. Tackle-Up for Bass with Sportfish!
  22. Cartoon Caption Competition No.9
  23. England’s Young Lions are World Champions
  24. Welcome back, Alan!
  25. Cartoon Caption Competition No.10
  26. Anglers Mail Aug 18th 2015
  27. New Size Limits for Bass
  28. Dick Clegg hands over the management of the England Veterans World Angling Championship Team
  29. County Durham man who dumped mountain of waste illegally could face record bill
  30. Tuition – the vital ingredient for success
  31. The Bognor Bag
  32. Book Now for the Angling Trust Sussex Marine Region Mullet Masterclass
  33. Welsh Government Wants to Improve Access to 'Responsible' Outdoor Activities
  34. Cartoon Caption Competition No.11
  35. Beware! Extremists!
  36. Cartoon Caption Competition No.12
  37. Martin Gay's 50lb English Common Carp: Closure.
  38. Anglers Mail 25th Aug. 2015
  39. Anglers Mail 25th Aug. 2015
  40. Forget about cricket, mate - show me your Pommie fish!
  41. A Month on the Wye
  42. Keeping in-touch with fly lines...
  43. 'Becoming Ahab' - Paul Mortlock
  44. Becoming Ahab
  45. Nearly in the Net...
  46. Here's The Evidence...Martin Gay's 50lb Common Carp
  47. Stickability
  48. Anglers Mail Sept.8th 2015
  49. Prehistoric fish return to England’s rivers
  50. In praise of ‘them that do’
  51. Kev Perkins' Latest!
  52. Sportfish Supports Whitney Pike Competition
  53. Carp: A Duffer's Analysis
  54. Anglers Mail 15th Sept. 2015
  55. Angling Trust and Blueprint for Water Coalition say "Water Matters"
  56. The Martin Gay Commons: There is Only One Version of the Truth
  57. Anglers Mail Sept.22nd 2015
  58. Thames TideFest Championship hits the spot with big bream on the feed
  59. Agricultural Pollution Raised up the Political Agenda
  60. Martin Gay's 50lb British common carp - don't blame Robin...
  61. Sportfish New Product Launch Day
  62. The Best Pike I Ever Caught
  63. Anglers Mail 29th September 2015
  64. The Best Pike I Ever Caught (2)
  65. 'Earth's Wildest Waters: The Big Fish': BBC2
  66. Canada, England or Undecided.
  67. Angling Trust's Carp Team England Looking To Bring Home Spanish Gold
  68. More Wrassamataz!
  69. A Tale from the Riverbank...
  70. Angling Survey - still time to get involved and spread the message
  71. Anglers Mail Oct.13th 2015
  72. Angling Trust RiverFest Qualifier River Medway at Barming
  73. Robbins Leads the Way at RiverFest qualifier at Upton
  74. Earth's Wildest Waters: The Big Fish (2)
  75. Sportfish Saltwater Promotion
  76. Passive Fishing is Bad for your Health - Simon Smith
  77. The Big Fish: a great boost for angling or a missed opportunity?
  78. City of London Corporation claims success at '500% increase in fish caught in Thames'
  79. Crooked Lines - A Collection of Anarchic Angling Tales by Dominic Garrett
  80. Britain must do more to protect sea bass stocks, says the Angling Trust
  81. Sportfish Promotion
  82. Illegal fishing net found strung across Thames in Teddington
  83. Charlie Chapman of Mid Street, South Nutfield, pleads guilty to disgusting practice of fly-tipping
  84. Cartoon Caption Competition no....?
  85. Six retired police officers join Angling Trust's fight against fisheries crime
  86. Tales of the fish warrior
  87. Canoeists and anglers warned after dead crayfish found in River Wensum near Fakenham
  88. A Tumbleweed of Starlings
  89. Opportunity to join Angling Trust Team England Fly Fishing Competitions Committee
  90. An Alien Story...
  91. Sportfish Waders and Winter Footwear
  92. Bigger Thames TideFest Championship in 2016
  93. News of another Micro Hydro Scheme in Wales
  94. What's in a name?
  95. Vigilance urged after discovery of Mexican invaders in Lincolnshire
  96. Sleeping on the Job
  97. Eels caught in illegal French trade endure epic journeys to China
  98. The Angling Trust British Pike Final 2015
  99. The Golden Sprats - Kevin Perkins
  100. The Latest News from The Angling Trust and Fish Legal
  101. Angling Trust calls on European Commission to drop ban on bass angling in 2016
  102. Big Kippers
  103. Identify the Venue Competition
  104. Puma!
  105. UK Government taken to court over failure to protect precious rivers and wetlands
  106. Make Xmas 2015 Your best ever with Fish&Fly and Farlows
  107. Five weird and wacky ways councils are cracking down on litter
  108. Anglers settle dispute with government over waterways protection
  109. The Swim-Finder 'Stinker' - an occasional feature.
  110. Crooked Lines - Dominic Garnett
  111. Angling nets promotions boost
  112. Time to get rid of the bass nets
  113. Sportfish Christmas Gift Ideas
  114. Some cracking-good stuff for Christmas...
  115. Sportfish: Special 10% Discount Day!
  116. Conservationists demand action to stop landfill site slipping into the sea
  117. River Restoration
  118. The Pondwood Fishery Story
  119. The Dark Art
  120. All the latest fishing news from the Angling Trust and Fish Legal
  121. Kev Perkins - The Unvarnished Truth part 2
  122. Just me then...
  123. A muskie's a muskie - but it's still a pike, isn't it?
  124. Angling Trust and Fish Legal Urge Members to Back the Recovery of Recreational Angling on the Firth of Clyde
  125. Update from the British Record (rod-caught) Fish Committee
  126. Poaching - a view from the USA...
  127. Christmas Gift Ideas from Sportfish
  128. The Worst Fishy Film EVER Made....
  129. The Dark Art - Part 2
  130. The Unvarnished Truth - Final Episode
  131. The Angling Trust’s Eastern European Poaching Initiative
  132. Crunch-time for European bass stocks
  133. A Feast of Fishes - Part 1
  134. Sportfish Last Minute Gift Ideas!
  135. A Feast of Fishes - Part 2
  136. Fishing Ministers accused of 'shameful conservation con trick' over bass stocks
  137. Next Day Delivery from Sportfish!
  138. Caption Competition
  139. The Martin Gay Thread - a few questions answered...
  140. Donald and Damien - Part IV
  141. What DO they do???
  142. Season's Greetings to FM Readers!
  143. Martin Gay's Historic Carp Captures - THIS is 'Overwhelming Evidence'...
  144. Bear
  145. Freedom of Info request shows water companies failing to cooperate over sewage outfalls
  146. Defra proposals to protect farmland could make flooding worse and damage wildlife
  148. Not hungry? NOT HUNGRY??
  149. Urban Angling
  150. Flooding Lessons: Learned and Ignored
  151. Let’s not unlearn the lessons about dredging – A Guest Blog from Charles Clover
  152. Eric’s Common
  153. Caption Competition
  154. Hooked on Braid
  155. Innovative Fishing Contest Enjoys Another Spectacularly Varied Year
  156. More is Less - Kevin Perkins
  157. Simon Crow - Gaining an Edge with Bait
  158. Simon Crow - Church Lakes
  159. Flood Prevention, Dredging and Related Matters - an Open Letter
  160. UK Government Takes Step in The Right Direction for Hard-pressed Rivers
  161. New British Carp Record - Anglers Mail Jan.19th 2016.
  162. Angling Trust helps save fish condemned to die at St George’s Park Lake in Bristol
  163. Mind how you go...
  164. Fishing blast kills two in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
  165. Rod licence reform on the cards: Proposals include 3-rod option and free fishing for juniors
  166. Tackle-up for Spring Salmon with Sportfish
  167. The Eddie Benham Leader Knot
  168. EXTREME Urban Fishing!
  169. Our 'National Fish'
  170. Maintaining the Standard
  171. Fisheries Minister under fire for false claims over bass landings
  172. Anglers Mail Jan.26th 2016
  173. Fishing Magic Prize Writing Competition
  174. Angling Trust Fisheries Forum Survey - East of England Region
  175. Make the most of it!
  176. DEFRA's Reply to Rod Sturdy's Open Letter
  177. The Crow: 'Guesting'
  178. Prize Writing Competition Update...
  179. Andy Scholey: 'Days of Wine and Barbel'
  180. Kashmiris go Fishing on Shutdown Day
  181. Big day out for bass at Parliament: MPs back motion over unfair restrictions on sea anglers
  182. Altamash Kabir: 'Deola's Pond'
  183. What You Don't Always See...
  184. Dave Tipping: After the Floods
  185. Top End fisho reels in his second $10,000 tagged barramundi
  186. Anglers Mail 16th Feb. 2016
  187. Battling for Bass
  188. Jo Stephenson: Tigers on Honeymoon
  189. Escape to the Fens
  190. Jack Croxall: Old Monastery Pool
  191. Reminder to Specimen and Species Anglers of Bass Rule Changes for 2016
  192. Kevin Perkins: A Tribute to Fred Buller
  193. Colin Brett: A Fenland Piker’s Tale
  194. Eddie Benham: 'Uncle Tom'
  195. Rapala: 80 Years of Finnish Originality
  196. Anglers Mail March 1st 2016
  197. The answer my friend...
  198. Michael Loveridge: Happy Days!
  199. Rod Sturdy: Fowl Play...
  200. Junior Shore Anglers invited to take part in England Development Programme 2016
  201. Sportfish: Tom's Guide to Spring Salmon Fishing - Part 1
  202. Fred Buller - Angling’s Great Researcher
  203. Anglers Mail 8th March 2016
  204. Voluntary Bailiff Service to tackle illegal fishing goes ‘live’ in the North East
  205. Thames Water (That's THAMES WATER) fined £380K for polluting Bucks stream
  206. The Jolly Angler and the Great Stink
  207. What a Plonker!
  208. Angling Trust and Canal & River Trust Junior Canal Championship 2016
  209. What the Dickens?
  210. On the Bank with Paul and Bob
  211. FM Writing Competition...
  212. Anglers Mail March 15th 2016
  213. Angling Trust Welcomes Government Commitment to Fish Passage Legislation – At Last!
  214. The Trout Inn at Tadpole Bridge
  215. John Step: Stinky Stinky!
  216. Eddie Benham: My Name's Brian...
  217. Martin Salter: Back at it Down Under
  218. Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland: News Release.
  219. British National Fish
  220. Anglers Mail March 29th 2016
  221. Rod Sturdy: A True Roach
  222. Roach Rejuvenation
  223. Gear up, Game on with Sportfish
  224. No reply...
  225. Angling Trust and Fish Legal demand United Utilities come clean over River Kent pollution
  226. Anglers Mail April 5th 2016
  227. At last! Another Caption Competition!
  228. Take a look at what's new at Sportfish...
  229. Slugs
  230. Angling Trust Cadet, Juniors & Intermediate National Championship - Cheaper Entry & More Prizes Than Ever
  231. Now Loch Leven joins the on-line fishing-permit revolution.
  232. Minister Confirms Extension of Cormorant Control Initiative
  233. The most extreme kind of fishing - it's Robson Green meets Bear Grylls
  234. Warrington Scumbag Fined £2,000 For Fly Tipping
  235. Police in Lincolnshire step up patrols in crackdown on illegal fishing and fish theft
  236. Hardy Reel Sale - while stocks last.
  237. Jeremy Wade puts sea in his sights
  238. Sportfish Reading Show 2016 nearly here!
  239. Fishing Magic Acquires Salmon Fishing Forum
  240. How do they sleep?
  241. The Fishing Magic Prize Writing Competition: there's still time...
  242. Quill Pens At The Ready Please - Opinions Will Be Sought
  243. Some Canterbury Tales: a Collection of Remembrances, Lies and Half-Truths by Geoffrey Chancer aka Raymond Roberts
  244. The Silence of the Barbel
  245. A Fond Memory...
  246. Angling Trust calls on Marine Management Organisation to help tackle illegal bass fishing
  247. Rod Sturdy: How Far Have We Come?
  248. Monster Bluefish in an Australian Paradise
  249. Worms...I did it my way!
  250. Anglers Mail 26th April 2016