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  1. Hardy & Greys Ltd Celebrate Success
  2. Nothing to Fear from Marine Bill
  3. Grand Opening of London's Largest Fishing Tackle Shop
  4. Wetland Funding is Good News for Wildlife, But...
  5. Casting for Recoveryâ??s First Retreat in the Republic of Ireland
  6. Evesham Angling Festival Match Reports
  7. Tickets now on Sale for Veterans Championship
  8. Japan Enter World Carp Classic For The First Time
  9. Who will win this yearâ??s Lower Thames Championship?
  10. Welcome to the â??Newâ?? FishingMagic!
  11. Childhood Dreams

  12. Hardy & Greys Ltd Celebrate Success
  13. Wetland Funding is Good News for Wildlife, But...
  14. A Grand Day Out at Blenheim
  15. Shimano Girls do it for Charity
  16. More Claims Ratified by BRFC
  17. Grand Opening of London's Largest Fishing Tackle Shop
  18. England take Gold
  19. stats
  20. Japan Enter World Carp Classic For The First Time
  21. River Stalking
  22. Bankside Cooking - Fillet of Beef
  23. 2009 National Championship for Anglers with Disabilities - Results
  24. Casting for Recovery’s First Retreat in the Republic of Ireland
  25. The Go Fishing Show
  26. The Alternative Angler - Feeling Emotional
  27. Angling Trust Calls for Anglers to Help with New Research
  28. Hooked on Fishing for England
  29. A Trip to Les Noyers.
  30. Loading Lines on Reels, Part 2 - Fixed Spool Reels
  31. EA Email?
  32. The Go Fishing Show and Fish O'Mania 2009
  33. Thoughts on Fly Fishing
  34. Up Close and Personal Carp Fishing – Part 2
  35. I hope I see him paddling up my river........
  36. Tanked up Fish Taste Freedom
  37. Who will win this year’s Lower Thames Championship?
  38. Tickets now on Sale for Veterans Championship
  39. The Quest to Learn New Fishing Skills
  40. Wintle's World - No Feed Float Fishing
  41. Why Aren't There More Women in Angling?
  42. The CLA Game Fair - A Resounding Success
  43. Angling Trust - Second eBay Auction
  44. A Personal Best Mullet for Mark
  45. James Farrow Memorial Match at Todber, 2009
  46. Free Gift with this Week's Angler's Mail
  47. The IAC visits the Blue Pool
  48. Carp Tips 2009 Magazine Launched
  49. Site Closing All Day Friday
  50. What is it About Hats?
  51. Salter Stands Firm on Canoe Access
  52. Behind the Times
  53. Further Thoughts on Fly Fishing
  54. Two Big Cats and Five Likely Lads
  55. BarbelFisher - Summer 09
  56. Evesham Angling Festival Match Reports
  57. Death of Benson
  58. wheres it gone ?
  59. The Port and Stilton Club Honour Steve King
  60. Temple throws up its 80th Thirty of the year!
  61. Angling Trust to make cuts
  62. Record Breaker 'Benson' Dies at Bluebell Lakes
  63. Snag Fishing for Big Carp
  64. A Special Brace of Trout
  65. Day Ticket Carping
  66. The ABU Closed Face Reel - A Love Affair.
  67. Angling Trust £1,000 Prize Draw for New Members
  68. Barbel From Big Rivers
  69. The Goddard Zig Rig
  70. Cutting Edge Web Technology Gives Sea Users a Voice
  71. Somewhere Down the Kaveri River - Part 3
  72. All Systems Go for the Evesham Angling Festival
  73. ‘Bid for Burns’ as Dream Auctions Launch on eBay
  74. First Upper Trent Barbel of the Season
  75. Fish Legal - Two New Cases
  76. The Catch-and-Release Obsession
  77. The Alternative Angler - Holy Water?
  78. 80 years at Hampton Ferry
  79. Magnificent Seven
  80. TV Ratings Hit Inspires a Nation of River Conservationists
  81. Swim Along Here: Ebro catfish
  82. The Barbel Society Handling Code
  83. Team Diawa 2508D Reel Review
  84. Korum Accessory Selection Review
  85. Anglers Claim Damages from Entrepose and National Grid for Pollution Caused by Gas Pipeline Works
  86. Angling Trust Welcomes High Profile Supporters
  87. New Salmon Atlas from Fish&Fly Destined to be Top Game Angling Resource
  88. Members Special - Come fly fishing and learn with Charles Jardine
  89. Loading Lines on Reels, Part 3 - Baitcasters
  90. Review - Magic Bread from Mosella
  91. First Trout on the Fly
  92. Sport England Gives Green Light to Angling
  93. Evesham Angling Festival 2009 Results
  94. Review - Bandabait Tool and Pellet Bands
  95. All You Need to Know About - Swimfeeders
  96. Lifesaver 4000UF Bottle
  97. Angling For Youth at Glamis Show
  98. Book Review - Fishing: The best excuse for loafing in the countryside…
  99. What type of Forum’ite are you?
  100. The Helicopter Rig
  101. All You Need to Know About - Quiver/Feeder Rods
  102. English Pair Tough it out for World Cup Glory
  103. New Chairmen at Angling Trust and Fish Legal
  104. Fishing Clear Rivers
  105. Early Autumn on my Favourite Stream
  106. Book Review - Collins Fishing Flies
  107. Lucy's New Personal Best
  108. Thames Valley MPs to Promote the River Thames
  109. Scott's PVA Salt Bag Rig
  110. SSACN Update
  111. Angling Trust Recognised by Sport England
  112. Wintle's Avon Float Trotting Rig
  113. King of Clubs Angling Festival 2009
  114. Call for Action After New Report Reveals Worrying State of UK Rivers
  115. Horseshoe Dreams
  116. Auction winner day out with Smart Carping
  117. Andy Mill joins Hardy Greys.
  118. Flat Holm Island Opens up to Sea Anglers
  119. Angling Trust and WWF Launch Campaign to Protect Rivers under Threat
  120. The Tripletail Brothers
  121. Boxit Waterproof Mobile Phone Case - Review
  122. The Land of the Giants: Sturgeon
  123. In a Spin, Part 6 - Small Time Spinning
  124. Opinion Piece - Barbed Comment
  125. Fishing for a World Record
  126. The FishingMagic Big Swordsy's 2009 Trent Fish-in
  127. How to Touch Leger
  128. Stainless Steel Hooks - Time for a Change.
  129. Lower Thames Flood Risk Management Strategy
  130. Carp on a Fruit Diet?
  131. Chatton Ladies Raising Money for Macmillan
  132. Review - Guru Micro Lead Clips and Square Leads
  133. Anglers’ Dismay over Cyanide Fish Kill on River Trent
  134. Opinion Piece - The Angling Trust
  135. Environment Agency Serves Suspension Notice Following Trent Cyanide Pollution
  136. The Stick Float Rig
  137. Bankside Cooking - Fillet of Salmon (Horseshoe Style)
  138. Last of the Further Thoughts on Fly Fishing
  139. Opinion Piece - Either or Neither?
  140. Centrepin Heaven!
  141. How to: Tie the Resetting Ring Rig
  143. Stealth Bombers and Smart Hooks revisited.
  144. Hooklinks for Carp - Their History
  145. South Lake Substitute
  146. Kennet Perch Pt1
  147. Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club
  148. Kennet Perch Part 2
  149. News from Hardy/Greys/Chub
  150. Egremont Anglers relieved after scaffolding finally removed from River Ehen
  151. Salter sees off attempts to weaken Marine Bill
  152. Coarse fish removal – Update on new byelaws to protect fisheries
  153. Review - TF Gear Lok Down Bivvy
  154. Lucky or Good?
  155. International Pike Challenge 2009 – Part 1
  156. Irish Sea Conservation Zones
  157. High Attractor Hook Baits
  158. Bad Luck, Good Luck!
  159. Threats to Rivers in England and Wales
  160. Autumn Trent Session
  161. Angling Giant Pins its Faith in Redditch
  162. Positive River Piking
  163. Report on Furzebray Lakes, Devon
  164. HOW TO: Set up a Side Clip Running Rig
  165. An Evening with Mark Barrett and Denis Moules
  166. Government Fails to Ease Passage of Fish
  167. London Barbel
  168. Latest News from Hardy Greys
  169. Hugh Gough Dies
  170. Rick Humphrey's Thai fishing Diary - Oct 2009
  171. SSACN receive funding to support shark research
  172. Opinion Piece - Is it just me?
  173. If you want to share your Swim with a canoeist…
  174. Of beer, salmon and backflips
  175. Winter Carp Fishing
  176. Environment Agency investigates fish deaths in Oxfordshire
  177. Finding Sanctuary applauds Marine Bill’s Royal Assent
  178. All You Need To Know - Stick and Waggler Floats
  179. Quest Baits announce Chubby Chops
  180. Floodwater Barbel - Lessons Learnt
  181. A Day at Snetterton Lakes, Auction Winners Report
  182. Eighty-Year-Old Mistake Leads to Species Extinction?
  183. Creating a Cork Float
  184. International Pike Challenge 2009 – Part 2
  185. Bracknell's Mill Pond Restocked
  186. The Latest News from Hardy & Greys
  187. John Searl Roach Book Launch
  188. Review and Competition - The Little Book of Suicide
  189. Big Perch for Jonathan
  190. Extended Fishing Rights Announced by Ringwood and District AA
  191. Meeting Clears the Air on Weaver Otter Concerns
  192. Fish&Fly Winter 2009 ezine - 'Focus On... The Seychelles'
  193. Linear Fisheries Catch Reports
  194. A Day on the Famous Yateley Sandhurst Lake
  195. Practical Carp Fishing by Graham Marsden and Mark Wintle
  196. Northamptonshire’s Monster Chub
  197. Fantastic Pole deal from Angling Direct.
  198. Greys – Facing the Predator Challenge
  199. Fishing Heaven or Hell?
  200. Raymarine Awards British Cod Championship winners
  202. Daiwa Powermesh X Medium and Jerk rods.
  203. A Winter's Day on Yateley Sandhurst Lake
  204. Steve Pope Barbel Fishing Website
  205. International Pike Challenge 2009 – Part 3
  206. River Wandle flourishes with 2,500 extra fish
  207. A Winter's Day on Yateley Sandhurst Lake
  208. EFSA European Shore Championships 2009
  209. Has the Skill Gone Out of Fishing?
  210. Salter Warns: Tough times for River Kennet and Takes Aim at Beaver
  211. Grand Slam Charters Celebrates Bumper Haul
  212. Fishing For Everyone's Pike Day
  213. Hobnobbing with the Royals
  214. The Alternative Angler - Tickle Tackle, Latest Products Press Release
  215. Dawn Promise
  216. Review - Garbolino Squad Super Picker rod
  217. Still the Same Skill in Modern Fishing as there was 30 Years Ago?
  218. Temperature Rise Could Spell Disaster for British Wildlife
  219. The Grayling Grin
  220. MPs Share Kennet Catch
  221. Hook up with a Monster Pike on Lough Ree
  222. What To Do With Newbie Anglers?
  223. The Alternative Angler - Perkin's Predictions for 2010
  224. A Summer's Carp Fishing at Sutton
  225. Centrepins – Is it all Spin?
  226. The John Ledger Memorial Fish-In, River Idle - My Introduction To Match Fishing
  227. FishingMagic Christmas Special 2009 - The Last 2lb Roach
  228. Deanos joins the Beaver Battle!
  229. Christmas Quiz - More Fish than You Think?
  230. Appeal to Help Save Native crayfish this Christmas Season
  231. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  232. Norfolk Wensum Receives Fresh Barbel Stocks
  233. Fishing on Boxing Day
  234. Keep Catching Through Winter
  235. The Record Carp
  236. Pike Priorities - What Do You Do?
  237. New Outlook on Winter Fishing
  238. Tactical Pike Fishing - A Review
  239. The Real Underwater World of Carl the Carp
  240. Guess the weight of the Carp and WIN a Fox Rod and Reel!
  241. Grayling and the Czech Nymph
  242. Isn't this a bit out of date?
  243. New MarketPlace@FishingMagic Opens for Business!
  244. Modern Carp Care
  245. Chilly on Carp, Five Part DVD from OnlineFishing.tv - Review
  246. Retirement from FishingMagic – in full this time!
  247. Fish Nets and Stockings
  248. Youngest Coach In the Uk
  249. World Record Carp Captured from French Lake
  250. Book Review - Pole Fishing - A Complete Guide