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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    Lads do you think it is worth going on Sunday it's going to be 0 Deg. C on Saturday night and 7 Deg. C on Sunday, bright and sunny according to the forecast. I now anything above 5 or 6 Degrees is OK for Barbel but as this is the first cold spell of the year what’s your view?

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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest


    A trip to the Swale is always good but you might be up against it unless there is a little colour in the water to offset the other factors and the liklely falling water temperatures.

    Chub may be worth a shot though?

    Also I suppose it depends if the alternative is a trip to the shops or decorating!

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    The stretch I fish does not hold many Chub but if I go I will hedge my bets and take my Pike tackle.

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    Jun 2007


    I can just picture the sun, breaking through the early morning frost, as a grayling comes to the net, oooohh yes.

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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest


    Bit too low down the river for grayling I would have thought, Baz.

    If its the stretch I'm thinking of Geoff there were always lots of Pike down by Nellies Beck to low doubles.Trotted livebait gave some good sport.

    When I fished the Swale I used to give up on the barbel once the temperatures dropped unless there was a warmish flood on.

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    Cakey Guest



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    john ledger Guest


    I should have been on the Swale today but called it off due to sudden drop in temp.Hoping next week might be better,sudden drop in temp plus North wind is no good on Swale plus its high pressure and bright,death knoll.
    Mike Townsend and i went last Wed and caught a few chub but conditions where not too bad. The only place i fish on the Swale when its really cold and bright is Catterick for grayling

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    john ledger Guest


    Reckon around Maunby could be ok Geoff downstream in the deeper water near the willows,loads of big chub and fair few grayling if it gets tough

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    If I go it will be to Cundell. I will just fish for Pike most of the day but lightly bait up for Barbel in some of the deeper water swims and give it a go mid afternoon. Looks like a good plan.
    I can do a bit of Jerk Bait fishing as I roam about baiting up.

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    I was wondering just the same about the Ribble this Sunday, Geoff. Ah what the hell, so long as I feel a bit better than I did at the beginning of this week I'll wrap up warm and go for any hour or three.

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