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Thread: help needed

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    come on then all you barbel experts i want to catch my first ever barbel, the river ivel is the venue ,its a fairly fast ,weedy,small river .i,ve never gone for barbel before so what do i look for in the river,where they are likely to be hold up what baits at this time of year ,and what style, any info please

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    Steve, best advise I can give is dont go for it at the moment.

    I dont know the Ivel but if its small it will warm up quiet quickly. Wait for a rise in temps, a bit of rain from the west would help, after this cold snap the barbel will feed well if you get on it at the right time.
    Any of the usual baits, pellet, paste, lobbies, etc will work at such a time.

    Have the odds in your favour for your first one.

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    BLAM Guest


    This month's (December) Coarse Fisherman magazine carries an article specifically on Barbel in the River Ivel. You might want to give it a look.

    Other than that I would agree with what Tony said. I'm off tomorrow in search of the whiskery one on my local river but will probably end up with Chub given the conditions.

    According to MetCheck the weather is supposed to warm up into the first week of December with rain accompanying a westerly wind. This will probably bring them back on the feed if you can time your trip. I don't know how fast the Ivel runs off but if its anything like my local river you have to get down there sooner rather than later to catch them hard on the feed.

    In the mean-time (with cold clear, low water) if you do give it a go try a maggot feeder.

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    BLAM Guest



    I forgot to mention there is also a River Ivel section on Barbel Fishing Worlds' forum under BFW River Reports. Admittedly its not the most popular thread but someone should be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Wait for the warm water as mentioned above. A little colour will help also. If you can walk the bank while its clear to find them all the better for when you fish. they will have not moved far.

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    yoggy Guest


    Steve,as you know myself and nick will be over to the Ivel on the 11th,if you can make it we`ll be happy to offer any advice.

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