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    Benjimima Guest


    hi out there!!! my dads never tried river fishing for barbel and i've only attempted this once on a stretch of the avon that runs through Evesham. My dad has challenged me to who can catch the first and who can catch the biggest! but this time im fishin on a weir pool!!! i havn't got a clue what rigs and tackle and things are best? sooo can you help me? also the rod i am using is a tf gear grunt 2 feeder rod but will that be strong enough to tackle a weir? also should i use a 3oz or 4oz tip? thanks plzplz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Ben?
    First of all I think that the Rod you are using should be fine as I think it is a Carp style feeder rod and I would use either tip as you will know about it when you get a bite as the sensitivity of a quivertip is not usually needed.
    couple this with a minimum of 10lb line and with a open cage feeder threaded on the mainline then a bead then tie on a swivel to attach your hooklength which could be mono or a carp style braid of 10lbs or over this ensures that if you snap of the fish will not trail about with a feeder in tow.A good rig would be a plain size 6 or 8 strong hook with a hair rig(if you do not know about this look on the rigs library on here)
    I would get some small halibut pellets and soak them in water until they are soft and mushy(pour hot water on them then pour off excess then leave for an hour or so or overnight)and get a bag of larger halibut pellets for drilling and placing on the hair
    Use the mushy pellets in the feeder,if they are too mushy then add some groundbait to it until you get a nice moist consistency that sticks together but not so it will not come out the feeder
    This time of year I wouldnt feed too much so only soak half a bag of pellets and usually recast every half hour or so,keep and eye on your rod as Barbel are notorious fighters and will pull a rod in with ease-Never leave the rod in the water unattended-it a sure fire way to a disaster.
    some points to consider;
    -Use an unhooking mat,rivers and banks tend to be gravel so you do not want to damage the fish
    -set your clutch properly so that it can take line when it needs to as they can snap you very easily
    -Dont cast too near snags, as a novice you dont want to lose it as it will head straight in one.
    -play the fish ,keep in contact with it and get the fight over as quick as possible but dont pull its head off,when it lunges let the clutch give line.
    -because they fight so hard they need proper resting,keeping out of the water as shorter time as possible,and resting it in the flow (head into flow)holding it until it feels strong and is trying to pull away from you(this can take upto 20 minutes in summer)
    -If you feel you need pics etc then do all the above then leave in a landing net with someone holding it,bring back out take pic then straight back in.
    I know you probably had considered this but it needs to be said so that Mr fish can live to fight another day,hopefully at a nice pb weight for you!!
    please look through this website as there is loads of info and also these others of articles and also beginners forum etc) code)

    Hope this is of some help
    Regards Matt

    EDIT-weirpools are a very magical place and full of drama for the fisherman,BUT!they are also very dangerous and make sure you fish a peg that has shallow water close in so that you can paddle into it with the fish to hold it,but above all BE SAFE !!fish with your dad and you will be ok.

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    Benjimima Guest


    thanks m8 uv bin a big help i jst gota beat my dad lol

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