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Thread: A.T. today

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    The Angling Times carries a feature today on barbel, page 5, by Steve Stone.

    In it Steve says that fishing on the 27 pegs below Hazelford weir is available on a day ticket bought on the bank.

    This bit of water as many of you will know, and are sick of hearing, is controled by the HPS and there are no day tickets available.

    We have spoken to Steve at the A.T. and he says that the information was provided to him by Bob Roberts last week.

    So Bob, you think its ok to mislead the angling public through the national press just to try and inconvenience the HPS members a bit do you? How cheap is that? Its Joe public angler that will be put out you fool.

    Didnt want any FM members to make a wasted trip so though I had better bring it to your attention.

    Silly old Bobby.

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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest


    I though the next episode of "Hazleford - A Story of Simple Fisher Folk" was overdue.

    Tony, in the interests of fairness, wouldn't the 5th paragraph have been better addressed to Bob personally with perhaps a request that he confirm what he did tell the AT before you went public?

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    Thought it was it says "so Bob".
    No need to ask Bob, the horses mouth has no need to lie.


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    NottmDon Guest


    Also in the weeklies about a 14 plus from Stoke Bardolph. Apparently "caught after midnight" this stretch of water is controlled by Notts Federation of Anglers fishable on a day ticket or by posession of year book, one of the rules in the yearbook "NO NIGHT FISHING" ooooops

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    Big Swordsy :O) Guest


    Night fishin' we do not night fish!

    It just happened to be a very dark day and as it happens 7am is after midnight!

    They are my excuses and I am sticking to them!

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    Someone has just let me know that Bob is away somewhere, so in fairness I think further comment on the AT/HPS issue is best left until he returns and has the chance to reply.

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    Big Swordsy :O) Guest


    Yes and in fairness it was most probably just an honest slip of the tongue.

    Where's my coat?

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    Sep 2002


    I have just posted this comment on the Bullsh, sorry, Barbel Society site in response to a similar thread started by Tony:

    For the record, I specifically said that the 27 pegs at the top end of Fiskerton were NOT day ticket.

    Normally I would not have bothered mentioning this fact when promoting day ticket specific stretches on the Trent but felt that with all the fuss you've made recently it would be a good idea to point it out.

    Obviously the reporter who phoned me either misheard what I said or got the wrong end of the stick.

    Tony, I'd happily send you on a wild goose chase down the path to Hades at the drop of a hat. I'll cheerfully call you from a pig to a dog but I have no wish to deliberately mislead the average angler out there who might be looking to catch his first Trent barbel.

    In this instance it is a genuine mistake on the part of a third party and I expect you to accept that.

    Topic closed.

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    Big Swordsy :O) Guest


    See told ya!

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    Ha, blame the reporter do you. A.T say not the case.

    Not a mention of the 85 pegs where you can fish on a day ticket, funny that.

    And why, pray tell, would you do the HPS a favour by pointing out that there are no day tickets on those 27 pegs. I think not.
    Or would you like me to paste and copy your mail to me where you said you would encorage as many poachers down there as possible.

    Dont be so naive Lee, your not usually.

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