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    Hi guys, just peeping in to say hello. I've been lurking for a while and quite enjoy the site, pleeze be gentle :-)

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    The Monk Guest


    Hi Rob, lurkers always welcome mate

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    The Monk is the biggest Lurker of the lot.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Lurker? did somebody say Lurker? BANG!

    Seriously, welcome to the madhouse mate.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    And he is a Cheshire Mon, so Rob must be okay.
    I'll have my spies check him out though just incase.

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    Evening Baz.
    I'm otherwise known as Ye Olde Congleton Pie Cruncher................if it helps you any :-)

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Evening Rob.
    Okay then, your'e a reformed lurker, so that makes you okay in my book. (o
    But don't forget, I'm the Head Bailiff.

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    Hiya Rob, be ok so long as you dont do as I do.

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    How goes it "Two Canes" ? Don't worry I'm a good boy :-0

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    BLAM Guest


    Welcome Rob.

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