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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    What a disappointment it is to find out that Clitheroe Anglers Association LTD which is a game fishing club, have gone behind another clubs back which is Warrington Anglers, and put a very high bid in for the stretch of the Ribble at Balderstone.
    This is one of the prmeium barbel strtches.

    What they most probably have done is to start a price war on stretches of the Ribble that every club will now suffer from. You canít blame the farmers for taking the highest bid, but what you can blame and is to be detested is the way in witch Clitheroe Anglers have gone about this business.

    What happened to decorum and gentlemens pacts? It is an unwritten rule amongst angling clubs that this kind of action is just not on. If there had been some kind of disagreement with the farmers, it would be understandable, our lease was up for renewal, and it would have been renewed as usual without any problems, and no decent club would have done what you did.

    Cliteroe Anglers Association LTD, You Are A Disgrace.

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    Lee Fletcher 1 Guest


    Morning Baz,

    I confess to not knowing a great deal about the Ribble, just a few things I've either read or been told by the "Granite of Manchester".

    Isn't a lot of the Ribble under the control of game oriented clubs in the middle and upper reaches?



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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Itís upsetting but it doesnít surprise me. Baz as you know I'm a member of WAA, it's a sad day mate I've fished Baldestones for longer than I can remember. (not much over the last few seasons but thats another story)

    RIP Barbel Bend. 1980 - 2006

    Another Club Iím in has seen the price of two stretches increase by substantial amounts next season. Your going to see more of it mate. One land owner is now keeping a book; he wants to know car registrations, club membership number and also whatís being caught. The land owner says heís wife feels uneasy about cars coming and going at all hours. Donít make me laugh, why the hell does his wife want to know whatís being caught? I think over the next few seasons we will lose the stretch.

    When land owners learn about how popular their stretch is they start to see pound signs. This is the reason some clubs don't want publicity. But you still get people publicising stretches; some are even taking photographs for publication. When are these selfish people going to release their self interest is doing harm to their clubs and the also the few day ticket stretches that are remaining on the Ribble? I know if I was on the committee of a club and found that certain members where publicising areas and catches against club rules I would do my best to have there membership revoked.

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    welcome to the real world fella's where pound notes rule.
    Remember what happened on the Ouse at Bedford? unfortunatley the better your bit of river the more it will cost, simple modern day econmics. I am not saying it is right or ethical the way it gets done all i am saying is it's the way of the world

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    EC Guest


    Agreed Eric, although WAA don't have a publicity ban mate, I wonder if clubs might start adopting the 'no publicity' rule as a matter of course !

    In another club I am a member of, I/we were told in no uncertain terms that if anyone asks you how the fishing is going, you tell them its **** for the very reasons (future rents etc) outlined above!

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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Eddie I wish the Clubs would impose some sort of a ban on publicity the Ribble is turning into a Circus.

    Some things just occurred to me: I was told last month that Warrington have just got a new stretch a few miles from Clitheroe. At about the same time one of the girls I work with who comes from Sabden told me she had seen anglers Brollys on a stretch on her way to work, I thought that strange because I've never heard off or seen anyone course fishing that stretch.

    now I'm putting two and two together here but I wonder if the stretch that Warrington have just go was under the control of Clitheroe last season?

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    Eric mate.
    I warned against this very thing as much as 3-4 years ago. But as usual I was met with a barrage of excuses, and shouted down by most anglers.
    It doen't need an educated guess as to where will be next. There may well be a little parking problem to start with.

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    BAZ (Angel of the North) Guest


    We haven't got a new stretch of the Ribble Eric.

    Yes it is Lee, I'll p.m you something.

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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Baz we need to get hold of Clitheroe anglers Email address so we can express our disgust at their actions.

    The stretch lease was not up for renewal until January, Clitheroe doubled the bid in September. It is absolutely bloody disgusting. How would they like it if the shoe was on the other foot and a club went behind there back and offered the landowner double the lease for a stretch they had the lease on?

    I donít have words for for how I feel about the actions of this so called angling club Iím spitting mad about this.

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    EC Guest


    Jonny, Graham any chance of combining these 2 threads if it is ok with Baz!

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