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Thread: landing nets

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    can anyone recommend a good landin net that best suits barbel fishing, ive recently converted from match angling and my current 'carp friendly' net catches on the barbels dorsal fin, which im not happy about as fish welfare is paramount

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    A double T landing net if you want a triangular jobbie, or an abu spoon type one if that takes your fancy.

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    thanks pal, i'll take a peek at those! has anyone else got any suggestions?

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    How much do you want to pay ?....have a look at Davies tackle of Christchurch website.

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    im an ordinary workin guy so i dont want to get robbed an pay over the odds but i do need a decent net... anything upto 40quid i suppose is acceptable

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    There is only one landing net for barbel and that is the one marketed by Leslies. It is round and will hold the biggest barbel that has ever swam.

    I truly hate and detest tri-angular nets with silly strings across the front.

    Should be banned!!

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    BLAM Guest


    Bear in mind that too fine a mesh can be very difficult to manoeuvre in fast/heavy current.

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    thanks ron, do you have a web address for leslies?

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    chris 2 Guest


    Fox 30 inch predetor net,good for barble handles well in fast flowing water.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    Just look up Leslies of Luton on google. It's not the cheapest net but it is the best I have ever seen. I've landed 15 lb pike in mine - no problem.

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