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    I watched a DVD yesterday and the presenters were both arguing that the Barbel is one of the strongest fighting fish that swims.
    Salmon have got tremendous pace, butcan't keep it up for long.
    Carp have great power and for years I loved to fight them at a local stillwater,but after a friend asked me to accompany him to the river severn I've been hooked on barbel. I still go after the carp, mainly because I enjoy those situations that see you sat there with nobody around to break the silence and on my particular stillwater, only myself and six others are aloud to fish it.
    One thing that I noticed about the Barbel is that, when bringing it in normally you can manage after a while to get them on the top, but on bringing them in, if they pass over streamer weed or any other snags then they won't leave that area they'll dive straight back down and try to nestle themselves in or around it. Of course Carp also try this but I find that because of their muscle the Barbel seem to get down a lot quicker. To me making them more powerful fighters than a carp.

    Which do you think is stronger carp, barbel or salmon?

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    Can't comment about Salmon Chubber, But defo stronger fight from barbel, just while were on the topic I think that Severn fish fight no where near as hard as Teme barbel or Dove barbel.........:-)

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Never caught a Salmon so cant comment. But the big Barbel i've had were truly stunning fighters. My largest fought like a demon i've never seen a Harrison under so much pressure and when it was finally all over i was exhuasted too. Most of the bigger Carp i've had have been plodders and most times after a dig about they just need steering into the net. Its normally the smaller ones that tear around all over the place creating merry hell. All good fun init and at last a sensible thread.

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    I would say Barbel but only because they can use the flow to their advantage as well as their shape,strength and fin size
    Had many a low double kamikazee carp that just wont give up,put them in running water and who knows?
    Unfortunately never had a salmon so can't comment on them


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    sorry wol-same sentiments at the same time!

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    It's good to talk barbel again guys :-)

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    yeh agreed,almost stopped posting because of all the bad sentiments between gentlemen of the angle

    Tis closed season that does it,stir crazy!!

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    Yeh it does go on a bit mate !
    just being posting about this on bfw, but what would you say size wise gives us the best fight ? 6-8lb bracket for me.

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    just a thought but think about the shape of different fish and a Barbel will always be able to fight harder because of the shape of its body,as soon as it gets its head down the water is going to push a shape like that down towards the bottom,they always seem to come to the net upside down as well which is like a reversal,as soon as the fish is tired it turns on its side and the water flow will do the opposite and bring it to the surface,hence why even bream can scrap a bit in flowing water because their body acts like a sail in water,in no flow its nod nod kite,carp are a mixture of the two shape wise I suppose
    or am i talkin bol.......

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    Well Rob I would would love to say ooh 10-12lber for me but I am yet to have that first double,plenty of nines mind and yes probably 8 or 9 lbers fight the hardest because of strength and weight and most probably youth on their side

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