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    What time of year is it best to target barbel? I have never caught a barbel and would appreciate any other tips and tactics as well.

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    June 16th to March 14th excluding January and February

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    Do they feed that readily?

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    As above catman ! anytime bud, some say autumn and winter some say summer. certainly bigger fish around in autumn and winter. for a novice I would personaly say summer though, find a barbel river, locate some barbel with a good set of polarising sunglasses and fish for them :-)

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    feed most of the time mate, but less of the free offerings for winter !

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    In fact bud there's no need to go filling in rivers with bait for barbel at all! just a few free offerings is all it takes to get a scent or tatse trail going, catch one or two and move on. Roving the river banks from swim to swim works best for me on the smaller size rivers.

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    Jeff Woodhouse Guest


    Izaak Walton favoured anytime between April and November. And then they introduced the close season!

    I wouldn't bother before mid-July, but then anytime is good up to the end of the season. It all depends on the weather and this year has not been good. Low, clear, cold water.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member) Guest


    Barbel are amongst the easiest fish to catch once you have located them. In midsummer, barbel are generally located in the most oxygenated areas, below weir pools for example.

    Later on, they move out in seach of food.

    If you are fishing small rivers such as the Ouse, or very clear rivers such as the Hampshire Avon, you can often locate them by sight.

    On big rivers such as the Trent, this is virtually impossible, but there is one thing that most barbel love and that is underwater snags combined with a gravel bottom. The outside of bends and undercut banks also provide good barbel spots.

    The best conditions to fish for barbel is during and immediately after a good flush of warm water produced by rain from the south west, especially in winter.

    On many waters barbel do not like bright sunlight and your best chances of catching them are in the evening just after the direct rays of the sun have left the water, or at night.

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    chris 2 Guest


    September and October.Its starting to cool down a bit then and they go on a good feed ready for the cooler months.

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    jeff we should be like scotland no closed season it must come soon just like the still waters have been scrapped . when you look this week would have been great for the rivers

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