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Thread: Bait additives

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    This might seem like going over old ground but with all the very large fish coming out over the past few years and the various discussions related to growth and feed do you feel that the ‘additives’ in the baits that you are using are having a detrimental affect on the fish we are fishing for.

    I will give you an example; I bought at the beginning of last season a bag of shelf life boilies and use them a few times. I found them the other day in a bucket that wasn’t sealed very tightly and they are still good to use. On the bag they say they are made from natural ingredients and if that is correct then why they have not got an inch of mould on them? Surely if you leave anything natural for a long period of time then it will develop some kind of mould. So what’s in them, it must be some kind of preserative to keep them from going mouldy.

    In our lives the scourge of modern day eating is they say white bread, it has so many preservatives in it to keep it fresh and it affects the body’s way of breaking down the complex chemical soup that it contains that it has a detrimental effect on our bodies. The same for 99% of what we eat today, everything is packed with preservatives and additives and it is doing the human race no good at all.

    So if this is what is happening to us what is in the food that we use when we are fishing. Another example is Pescavara corn it will out last normal corn by a day (my experience) so what are they using to make it last. If the chemicals in our food is playing havoc with our complex digestive systems what is it doing to the fish?

    I know of one company who is promoting an ‘Organic’ range of boillies and pastes, I wont mention them as this is not an advert, but do you think they have some mileage and do you think that long term it will preserve the fish?

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    Mark Hodson Guest


    I know someone who has a bag of readymades (Nash) that are just over 8 years old and still look and smell like they have just come off the roller. Don't what they put in them to stop them going off/stale but if they sold it as an anti - ageing cream they would make a fortune !

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    getting bored with the BS forum Tom? he he he :-)

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    dont complain about your bait lasting . to long .in days past i ve bought to many maggotts and thrown money away plus casters etc etc meat thrown away i have boilies and pellets and as long as they are kept dry they are o k i buy several kinds of baits there are no way i could use all in one season so i kep them in a sealed bucket or container and take a resealable small bag full of what i want with me on the day. whats left is saved for next trip . i still have pellets from a few seasons back and they are o k . you cant do that with corn meat or maggots and casters and hemp etc

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    BLAM Guest


    In our lives the scourge of modern day eating is they say white bread..

    Who are they?

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    At some point they have said just about everything we eat is bad for you. Red Meat, Eggs, Milk etc etc etc.

    I say eat what you want just remember a balanced diet with the naughty treats in moderation does nobody any arm. If it does then sod them because whats the point of living if you are not enjoying.

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    Blam read a book by the title of 'Whats not on the label' by Felicity Lawrence it will open your eyes to how our food is produced for the mass market.
    I read it and was horrified at what goes on with day to day products.

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    BLAM Guest


    I don't need to read it to tell you the gist. Apparently lots of food has really really bad stuff in it!!

    No chance of it being printed otherwise: The publishers wouldn't make any money.

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