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    Has anyone tried the new TF gear Centrepins - if so, whats your verdict?

    are they just another Svendsen version of the Okuma Aventa?

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    no they're made by two different makers,they're a rip off of the grays beswick &crossed with the bj light,although the x-pin & okuma pro's/sheffields both run on a pair of bearings so should be roughly the same performance wise & are equally style wise even,my personal opinion is that the x-pin is inferior/not as good as the okuma pro & Sheffield is in its design i feel that the x-pin and Bewick share the same flaw in that they're drums are only supported on the spokes on the front fascia of the spools drum (theres no rear supports from the drum to the bearings cover) and too much pressure or rough handling (in my case as i'm quite heavy handed at times) could possible cause the spokes to deform or bend and cause wobble/scraping in the drum as it rotates.the perforated backplate also concerns me (as does the bj lights) in a similar way plus the possibility of foreign objects getting in behind the spool and backplate (+ if i owned one I'd probably end up loosing the tips of my fingers in there).

    apart from that i think they seem perfectly adequate reels
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    apart from the x-pin form tf gear which i rate all tf gear highly, u can get a okuma sheffild reel 4 da same price and get a much better reel that will last much longer probably, then again i do like using the x-pin.

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