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Thread: barbel books

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    can anyone recommend any books on barbel fishing illustrating how to set up different rigs,baits,tackle looking to get a better knowledge and understanding on some of these new techniques and rigs.

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    EC Guest


    Anything by Trefor West or Tony Miles, Fred Crouch also, there are a few more I've forgotten as well am sure. Do a search on amazon or google mate!

    Also have a look on the rigs page here, or check out some back issues of coarse fisherman!

    There are a few barbel websites that might be worth checking as well!

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Have a look at The Complete Barbel Angler by Roger Miller.Useful.

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    EC Guest


    Quest for Barbel (Miles and West) is a good read as is Understanding Barbel by Fred Crouch, although Fred's book (nope I am not on first name terms) is a little older and does not cover more modern tactics, but I would say it is still a truly excellent read!

    I've also got Barbel Mania by Andy Orme but don't think, with the greatest respect, that it touches these other two!

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    Fred Crouch is also on the verge of releasing his latest book, also Trefor west latest book " Barbel a lifetimes addiction" is a must read.

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