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    Does the Thames at Shillingford hold many barbel? Thinking of having a go for the carp and was wandering if there was much of a chance of picking up the odd barbel aswell.

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    Peter Andrews 1 Guest


    Used to fish that part of the Thames a few years back now for the Carp there was a small part to the right of the bridge toward Wallingford that a High Wycombe club had with a pool feed by the river that was very popular at the begining of the season some guys fished up stream towards Dorchester on the free stretch for Barbel. never heard if they did any good but there was storys of Barbel caught never saw any myself but did see a 8.5 barbel caught upstream at Benson opening day of the season a couple of years back out of peg 21 by one of two guys from Staines, London that use to always turn at the start of the season like myself fishing for the Carp

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    Gazza Guest



    I have had plenty of bream and seen a few carp. Other anglers have talked about barbel, so I would be interested to know how you get on.



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    Many thanks guys

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    pons Guest


    I think you will find the methods employed after the Carp,Richard,to be more than suitable for any Barbel present,and will catch them if they are present.
    Nos of Barbel are probably low,but you could turn up a biggie anywhere along the Thames,as you know.
    The other species like Bream and Chub grow very large through there,and you might catch a whopper.
    Good luck,

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    I've fished Shillingford for years under the HWTAC ticket or use too as I am no longer a member and have only heard of 1 barbel being caught many years ago in a match and I can't say if thats true.
    There are plenty of carp around and one or two swims under the Wycombe ticket are well known for Bream( hotel side walk up through the willow trees, through the gate walk along the river till you come up to the bend with the large house on the other side, fish 2/3 out and you will find the Bream).
    Chub are few but they tend to be good ones but there are some great perch to be found and pike too.
    Good luck you never know you might strike lucky.

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    Cheers guys, I have started fishing a free stretch near Abingdon (Long Whittenham) thus far with no luck. Any infor on said stretch would be muchos appreciated!!

    Had the delights of a group of kids trying to destroy a tree I had a bait positioned under the other evening in order to build a fire. I also couldn't get over the amount of litter in the area, it was disgusting, ranging form the obligatory Stella cans to used bog roll - nice!!

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